The Best Jobs for Immigrants in the UK

Written by Calvin
Last updated March 30, 2022

If you’re an immigrant looking for work in the UK, there are many opportunities available to you. The UK’s employment statistics show that immigrants have a higher rate of unemployment than natives. However, this doesn’t mean that it is impossible to find work as an immigrant in the UK. There are plenty of roles out there for people who speak different languages and come from different cultures, so don’t give up hope! Here are some ideas on what types of jobs might be best suited for you.

Immigrants in the UK are employed in a wide variety of fields. There are many jobs that don’t even require speaking fluent English, so you will be able to find work if your language skills aren’t up to par yet! In the UK, there are over 90 languages spoken in the public sector alone. Immigrants are often good at speaking these languages so they can be an asset to companies who need staff with language skills.

There are many jobs available to you if your profession is listed on the UK’s shortage occupation list, and the government has even developed an immigration route called the Global Talent Visa, which allows immigrants who hold exceptional degrees to come work in the UK. These include engineers, medical professionals and care workers.

Some of the other most common immigrant jobs in the UK are listed below.


Carpenters are in high demand, especially for construction projects where they can help build new homes.


If you speak a foreign language, there are many jobs available for translators and interpreters. Translators are in high demand, especially for people who speak multiple different languages.


Nannies are needed to take care of children or the elderly while their parents/guardians work long hours outside the home.


Drivers are important if you have a car and can drive it around town! This is often a great job for those who like to drive and enjoy meeting people.

Construction Worker

Construction workers are needed on projects such as building roads or laying cement, so if you have experience with construction jobs, this might be a good fit!

Call Centre Worker

There is also an increasing amount of call-centre jobs which require staff who can communicate with speakers of different languages over the phone. The government has even begun outsourcing its own translation services to immigrants!

Paint and Decorator

Painters and decorators are also in high demand. If you like painting, why not try to find work with a local business or company?


Another common immigrant job is that of a chef. Chefs are needed in restaurants all around the UK, so if you have experience with cooking this could be another good option!

All of these immigrant roles can lead to many more opportunities in the UK, and it is important not to give up if the first job you find isn’t quite right for your skills or experience.

These are just some examples of popular jobs for immigrants settling in the UK looking for work. There are many more options available to someone who speaks multiple different languages and knows how to do different kinds of work. Visit our jobseeker resource hub for immigrants for more inspiration, and be sure to look on our jobs board for more ideas about what jobs might be good fits for you!

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Last Updated: Wednesday April 20 2022
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