Are you an employer looking to create a more inclusive atmosphere for your staff? Are you interested in creating a diversity strategy? Or are you a job seeker looking for tailored employment support? Then you have come to the right place. Aspiring to Include is dedicated to understanding the problems you face, the challenges you want to overcome and providing practical and informative solutions.

This website is the home to a broad and varied network of employers committed to hiring staff members from a whole range of backgrounds and identities. The employees you find on this site recognise and value that each of us has different experiences which informs our skills, knowledge and outlook. A thriving workplace is one which embraces and celebrates these different experiences.  

Why We Created Aspiring to Include

We created Aspiring to Include because we believe that more and more employers are attempting to put right some of the inequality that has manifested in the workplace, but they lack the resources to do so. As more customers demand to see the social responsibility of the businesses they use, more employers recognise that they must take active steps to inclusion. 

However, the right intentions do not go far enough. To make a significant change across the UK workforce, employers need to be taking active steps in all aspects of their business. We have collated resources to help this. From pay to recruitment, discrimination to inclusive language, we can guide employers through this process. 

We know that the economic and employment crisis caused by the Covid-19 pandemic has disproportionally affected those employees and job seekers who were already facing additional hurdles. We believe that despite the swathes of job losses, redundancy and unemployment, we can support these jobseekers to find fulfilling career path. 

Combining these two missions and goals will create a more equal, diverse and inclusive working environment for all. 

Is Aspiring to Include the Website for Me?


Perhaps you are here because you feel your employer has mistreated you at work because of your identity, maybe there has been an incident of discrimination or unequal pay. Aspiring to Include has been created to assist those job seekers and employees who face barriers due to a protected characteristic. We have ensured that each of the nine protected characteristics, as outlined in the 2010 Equality Act, are supported through one of our jobseeker groups. 


Aspiring to Include is for any employer, no matter how big or small, committed to diversity and equality. We are here to help you at whatever stage of the journey you are at. Whether you have just decided you need to change or are finalising you staff networks and EDI policy. 

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