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Five Types of Unconscious Bias in the Workplace

Here at Aspiring to Include, we regularly discuss the impact and consequences of unconscious biases in the workplace. Without realising, we make judgments and decisions based on often incorrect stereotypes or assumptions about other people; when you are in apposition of responsibility in a workplace, such as a recruiter or a ...

Monday September 27 2021|Categories: Employer Advice|

How to Support Religious Diversity at Work

While you may think your workplace is inclusive and welcoming to all religions, there may be more you can do as an employer to embrace religious diversity and ensure you are accommodating to all religions. It is entirely up to each employee whether they choose to disclose their religion at ...

Monday August 30 2021|Categories: Employer Advice|

Creating an Effective Company Culture

Here at Aspiring to Include, we believe that having an inclusive workplace begins with the company culture and atmosphere. Whether you are a business owner, a manager, or even just an employee, there are things you can do to promote effective company culture.  Effective company culture is where all staff ...

Monday August 9 2021|Categories: Employer Advice|

Unemployment Rate Disproportionally Affects Young Black People

During the global Covid-19 pandemic and the subsequent unemployment crisis, it has been widely reported that 16-25’s are among the worst affected age group. This is because young people are much more likely to work in industries shut down during lockdown periods. However, these reports fail to recognise that among the age group 16-25, ...

Monday July 26 2021|Categories: General Tips|

What is the Permission to Work Policy?

The permission to work policy is a policy that allows some asylum seekers to apply for permission to work or volunteer in the UK. This allows those who are awaiting a decision on their asylum status to work and earn money. In January 2021, the government announced that the permission ...

Monday July 12 2021|Categories: General Tips|
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