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What LGBTQ+ Terms Should We Use at Work? And Why?

It is always important that we use inclusive terms in the workplace. Not doing so can be a very harmful impact on many people around us.  Some people find it difficult to know which terms they can and can’t use in reference to the LGBTQ+ community. Others may use terms ...

Monday November 28 2022|Categories: General Tips|

How to Confront Inappropriate “Jokes” at Work

Unfortunately, many people experience discrimination and harassment at work. This can happen in many different ways. Often, it manifests as inappropriate “jokes”. While this type of discrimination/harassment may be masked with a sense of humour or laughter, it doesn’t make it any less harmful or distressing for the person at ...

Monday November 21 2022|Categories: General Tips|

Why Do More Women Have Part-Time Jobs?

Statistics show that far more women than men have part-time or casual work. In fact, in every age group, less than 50% of women are in full-time employment. This is significantly lower than the figures for men.  In this blog, we want to discuss why this might be. We also ...

Monday November 14 2022|Categories: General Tips|

The Reality of Ageism in The Workplace in 2022

Ageism is one of the most prevalent forms of discrimination in the U.K. One in three people reports experiencing age-related discrimination. This is a statistic that may surprise some people but, in fact, ageism is a much bigger problem than we think it is. When we think about and discuss discrimination, ...

Monday November 7 2022|Categories: General Tips|
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