Diversity Events All Employers Should Know About

We highlight some of the main diversity events that take place throughout the year so employers can plan accordingly. Diversity and inclusion make businesses more successful. Period. 83% greater employee engagement, 30% better team performance, 19% higher rates of innovation, and 35% more likely to have higher returns than ...

Monday July 15 2024|Categories: Employer Advice|

Pride Month 2024: Enhancing LGBTQIA+ Representation in the Workplace

June has arrived, bringing with it the celebration of Pride Month 2024. Across the UK and many other countries, this month is dedicated to honouring and appreciating the LGBTQ+ community. It's a time to recognise and celebrate their liberation, showing love, respect, and support for the diverse and resilient ...

Wednesday June 12 2024|Categories: Employer Advice, General Tips, Latest News|

Refugee Week 2024: Promoting Employment Opportunities for Refugees

Refugee Week 2024, the world’s largest arts and culture festival celebrating refugees will take place from 17-23rd June. This year’s theme, “Our Home”, is particularly poignant as 2024 has seen a 20% increase in the number of refugees in need of resettlement compared to 2023. Refugee Week is a ...

Wednesday June 12 2024|Categories: Employer Advice, Jobseeker Advice, Latest News|

A Guide to Positive Discrimination vs. Positive Action

Positive discrimination and positive action are two regularly misunderstood terms in the world of employment. Many people thoroughly disagree with positive action because they believe it to be positive discrimination, which is an entirely different matter.  People often have strongly negative reactions towards the terms positive discrimination and positive ...

Monday May 20 2024|Categories: Employer Advice, Jobseeker Advice|
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