National Inclusion Week 2023: Employer’s Guide

As National Inclusion Week 2023 approaches, we thought it was a great moment to remind employers about this important event. While every day should be a celebration of inclusion, having this annual awareness event is an excellent tool for employers looking to promote diversity and inclusion at work. Moreover, ...

Sunday September 24 2023|Categories: Latest News|

Equality, Diversity, And Inclusion Policy Template

As an employer, creating an equality, diversity, and inclusion policy demonstrates your commitment to building an inclusive work environment. In doing so, you ensure every employee in your organisation feels supported, valued, and empowered.  Deciding what to include in your EDI policies can be a challenging decision for employers. And ...

Monday September 18 2023|Categories: Employer Advice|

8 Diversity And Inclusion Activities For The Workplace

Now more than ever, employers are recognising the importance of diversity and inclusion in the workplace. Fostering an inclusive work culture doesn’t just boost morale, but it significantly affects the bottom line too. From more innovative teams to higher engagement rates, diversity and inclusion activities can help your business create ...

Monday September 11 2023|Categories: Employer Advice|

Gender Identity Disclosure At Work

Choosing whether or not to disclose your gender identity at work is a big decision and a personal choice. Fears of discrimination, stigma, and backlash prevent many non-gender conforming Brits from being their authentic selves in the workplace. However, it doesn’t have to be this way. With careful consideration, gender ...

Monday August 28 2023|Categories: Jobseeker Advice|

How To Measure Diversity And Inclusion Initiatives

Implementing diversity and inclusion initiatives in the workplace is an important first step in creating a supportive work environment. However, it’s not as simple as just putting policies in place and seeing what happens. Tracking inclusion performance and defining diversity metrics for accountability is the next (and equally essential) step.  ...

Monday August 14 2023|Categories: Employer Advice|
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