As a refugee, migrant or asylum seeker, you may be interested in undertaking some training or education to boost your knowledge and skills. We believe that all refugees and migrants should get the chance to integrate into society, and a large part of that is finding employment and getting the opportunity to refresh your abilities.

We have put together a list of some of the ways refugees and asylum seekers can find funded and supported training and education opportunities.

Refugee Education UK

Refugee Education is a leading UK charity that is dedicated to supporting refugees through education and training. Their website is full of information and resources to help refugees find affordable ways to return to education and find a meaningful career. They offer higher education workshops, 1:1 mentoring, and English language programmes.


ACH runs a series of training and employment programmes specifically for refugees to get more refugees into long-term skilled work. These programmes include Himilo training and apprenticeships, which stretch across health and social care, digital skills, English language support, and careers advice.

Refugee Council Employment Programmes

The British Refugee Council are determined to get refugees back on track with their career and rebuild their lives in the UK. One of the many ways they support refugees is through their employment programmes. These are specialist projects with organisations like Starbucks, the NHS and local independent businesses, which provide work placements, language support, employability workshops and more.

Going to Sixth Form or College

If you are a young refugee or asylum seeker in the UK, you can attend sixth form college for free unless you have a “no study” bail condition attached to your bail 201 letters. This is a great way to develop your skills and academic knowledge and potentially prepare you for university. Having UK qualifications such as A-Levels, B-techs, or an apprenticeship will also be hugely beneficial when applying for jobs.

Advanced Learner Loan and Bursary Fund

The Advanced Learner Loan and Bursary Fund is a government loan to help cover the course or training programme in England. Some refugees may be eligible for this loan as a way to pay for advanced training, such as level four or five qualifications. On top of the loan, there is a bursary fund to help those who need financial support for housing, childcare, resources etc.

To find out more about apprenticeships and technical education as a training method, visit our sister website Employing an Apprentice.