If you are struggling as a woman at work or feel you need extra support with your career choices, there are many support avenues to help you. We understand that pushing back against discrimination, and fighting for inclusivity can be a difficult task. Whether you find support in your local community, your family and friends, your work colleagues, or with others online, it’s essential to feel grounded and content in your working life.

On this page, we have collated some support areas for women and gathered some suggestions about finding help. If you feel that you need more serious help relating to your mental wellbeing, please see your GP. 

Where Can I Find Support?


Across the UK, many amazing charities work tirelessly to support women and girls. There are charities to support a whole range of women’s issues from body image, to period poverty. Below we have collated some of our favourite charities which support all things education, careers and employment. 

  • Malala Fund: Championing every girl and woman’s right to free and safe education. 
  • The Girls Network: Inspiring and supporting young women from disadvantaged backgrounds to achieve their goals.
  • Women’s Aid: Providing domestic abuse support to survivors, as well as educating and training others to deal with domestic abuse. 
  • Fawcett Society: Campaigning for women’s rights at home, at work and in society. 
  • Young Women’s Trust: Demanding and working towards economic justice for young women. They offer coaching service to help young women plan for their future.

Antenatal Classes / NCT Classes 

An excellent way for pregnant women and new mothers to find support is through antenatal classes and NCT groups. Antenatal classes are free classes ran by the NHS to provide support for new mothers, giving them confidence and teaching them about having a baby. NCT classes are very similar but are not part of the NHS. They offer antenatal and postnatal support for pregnancy, birth and life as a new mother. While these groups are not necessarily related to work support, they can be a valuable way to connect with other mothers who may also be struggling in their careers. 

Staff Networks – Women’s Groups

Many large organisations with staff networks have a group dedicated to supporting women. Women’s groups at work and staff networks are a great way to get tailored support for your professional life. You will be able to find support on issues such as discrimination, equal pay, opportunities for women in your organisation, positive action, equality policy etc. 

If the organisation or business doesn’t have a women’s network or any staff networks, then you can inquire with your boss about setting one up. Have a look at our guide to staff networks for help and support. 

Business Networking 

If you own your own business and are looking for support as a woman in business, you can reach out to other companies through networking. Through networking, there will be opportunities for collaboration and partnership and scope for implementing new positive action policies, and mentoring programmes to support other women in your industry. 

Our Useful Resources Hub  

Across the whole of this website, you will find useful resources and information to help with your career, applying for jobs, and managing equality and discrimination at work. Our Useful Resources hub has information on diversity-positive employers, flexible and remote working, CV and Cover letter support and HR.