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Welcome to Aspiring to Include, the website with diversity and inclusion at its core. Our mission is twofold; we aim to support employers on their journey to creating an equal and inclusive workforce, whilst providing useful and unique careers resources to job seekers.

After researching the barriers which different groups of people face when accessing education and careers opportunities, we decided to tailor our job seeker support to six distinct groups. For each group of people, you can find information on Your rights, support and resources, and tailored guides for the unique prejudices and barriers each group may face.  

This website is dedicated to supporting those who identify as:  

We understand that many of these job seekers will feel grossly unrepresented in their workplace, and may at times struggle to find meaningful employment due to discrimination. By supporting employers to create a more diverse workforce, we hope to connect jobseekers to a network of employers from across the UK. By joining our network, these employers will be showing their commitment to developing a new kind of working environment, where staff can bring their whole selves to work and be celebrated and supported for it.  

We want to show businesses the value of diversity for everybody. By creating an environment of collaboration, honestly and open communication, we believe that all employers can take steps to begin to put right some of the UK’s employment gaps, specifically for women and BAME people.  

Our employer support focuses on the following key areas:  

As well as the Jobseekers and Employers section of this website, you will also be able to find practical assistance in our Useful Resources zone. Here we have information on facing discrimination, writing a CV, remote and flexible working, HR and more. At Aspiring to Include we believe that by equipping job seekers with the guidance they need to find and secure a career that suits their needs and skills, we can help more employers and employees fulfil their potential.  

Did you know?


The gender pay gap, as of January 2020, stands at 8.6%. This means that the average full-time pay for women is 8.6% lower than for a man; for every £1 a man earns in the UK, a woman makes 91.4 pence. A recent report suggested that at the current rate, this gap wasn’t expected to close until 2095.


In 2018, 77% of White people were employed compared to 65% of people from all other ethnic backgrounds.

1 in 8

1 in 8 transgender employees said that they have faced harassment or been attacked by a colleague or customer at work.


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