Welcome to our Diverse Talent Network, we are a collection of three websites, each with a mission to encourage equality, diversity and inclusion in the workplace.

We believe that everybody has the right to fulfil their potential and find a meaningful and fulfilling career, but we also know that some people face many additional barriers to get there than others. By helping employers on their journey to build a diverse workforce, and supporting jobseekers to break down those barriers, we believe we can create a better working world for all.  

We aim to represent jobseekers from all types of diverse backgrounds through our three websites and provide dedicated advice to all protected characteristics. We have tailored support for these jobseekers on each site, from facing discrimination, knowing your rights, guidance for interviews and financial aid, to detailed information on career paths and opportunities.  

As well as guidance for jobseekers, you will find a resource hub for employers on each of our sites. Here you will find everything you need to know about diversifying your business or organisation. We want employers to know that creating a diverse workplace is not as difficult as you might think, and show you the benefits of celebrating our differences. Whether you want to hire more disabled staff or find out more about using inclusive language, or you simply want to encourage a more accepting and open atmosphere, we can help you.   

Aspiring to Include

Aspiring to Include was built to represent LGBTQ+ jobseekers, Black Asian and Minority Ethnic (BAME) jobseekers, Migrants and Refugees, Faith and Religion, people from various Socioeconomic backgrounds and Women. On this site, employers will be able to find out about how to support, recruit and retain these jobseekers, and information about the benefits of diversity and the laws and regulations surrounding diversity.  

Refreshing a Career

Refreshing a Career aims to support those job seekers returning to work after a period of absence, or a career break. Specifically, this site is designed to help Ex-Military jobseekers, Ex-Offenders, Returning Parents, Older Workers, people affected by Homelessness, Redundant Workers, and those Not in Employment, Education or Training (NEET).   

We understand there can be many misconceptions around hiring people from these groups, so we have collated all the legal information you need. As well as tips and advice, funding resources, and education and training information.  

Explore the website here.   

Careers with Disabilities

The final website in our Diverse network is Careers with Disabilities. On this site, we provide specialised support for disabled jobseekers across the UK. We have information on your rights as a disabled employee, understanding funding, and how to disclose your disability to your employer. We also help businesses to diversify their workforce and understand the benefits and ease of hiring disabled candidates. With the right information and guidance, many more employers can engage and support disabled jobseekers.  

Explore the website here.    

We believe that the sites in this network can make a real difference to all those who face challenging employment barriers. For further guidance, visit our guide to equality, diversity and inclusion.