If you are new to encouraging diversity and inclusion you might need some extra support. This page outlines some of the best resources available to employers across the UK.

There are a number of ways that you can access extra support and resources for tackling equality, diversity and inclusion in your company. In recent years, the importance of companies recognising their social responsibility has significantly increased. 

Now, many consumers will choose a product or service based on their understanding of the companies approach to equality, diversity and inclusion. As such, seeing other businesses’ examples, journeys and progress is important to make sure you don’t make the same mistakes. As such, it’s essential that you understand what your competitors are doing so you don’t get left behind. 


Business in the Community (BITC) is a network for employers to discuss and receive advice about best practice in the workplace. This includes a range of support and resources, including accreditations, a space for open discussion and templates on how to tackle issues of discrimination, equality, diversity and inclusion.  

Access to Work

Given that those with disabilities may require amendments to the workplace in order to make the role accessible, the government released this policy that covers almost any expense incurred making your company disability accessible. You could receive over £60,000 in grants in 2021 through the Access to Work scheme.  


ACAS supports employers and employees in a number of ways, including being an intermediary in a claim of abuse or discrimination in the workplace. Alongside dispute resolution they offer free advice on best practice, regulations you should follow and how to develop forms and policies correctly. 

Although they have a lot of free services, they also offer paid services like running events or training courses for your employees.  

Jobcentre Plus

Your local Jobcentre Plus has a range of services that facilitates greater diversity and inclusion in the recruitment process. This may include services like setting up work trials for a particular candidate.  

To find out exactly what is available to you, you will have to get in touch with your local Jobcentre Plus.  

Gov Website

The government website has a collection of resources, advice and support that you can access free of charge. Not only will they offer sound advice but they will have immediate updates on any changes to regulations or legislation.  

Furthermore, their inclusivity support covers a range of vulnerable people beyond those defined in the protected characteristics. Some of these are supported by our sister-site, Refreshing a Career, which you should read to get a greater understanding of the benefits of providing opportunities to vulnerable people. 

Local Council

Many local councils are undertaking special initiatives to encourage greater equality, diversity and inclusion in their localities. In this, they might have schemes that you could directly benefit from, or just refer you to a local charity who could provide further support.  


The CIPD is a member organisation for HR professionals. Within this they have a great network for discussing equality, diversity and inclusion as well as a number of advice pages and employer-tailored resources. 

Alongside this, you can get CIPD accredited training to improve your ongoing inclusivity progress.