If your company or industry is largely male dominated you may need to be more inventive about attracting women to apply for your vacancies, including understanding the benefits of overlooking potential negatives.

Most companies are catching on to the notion that hiring and promoting women is great for their business. If you need a greater understanding of why, read our list of benefits to make sure you don’t fall behind your competitors. 

Why your company should hire more female employees

More likely to be competent

Despite massive improvements in recent decades, there are still several hurdles for women in the workplace. These often come with accessing management positions or being seen as competent in certain roles or industries.  

This sees a number of very capable candidates being overlooked and undermined by your competitors. Giving these people the opportunity they deserve means that they are more likely to be competent in comparison to other candidates, even where they have the same experience.  

Research has found a direct correlation between women in leadership positions and increased profitability. This is the result of a number of reasons, including characteristics, perceptions from their team and general competency. 

First, the UK is facing a major skills gap crisis, which women can help address. In recent years, women have shown to be more apt than their counterparts in educational institutions. As such, taking on women will help to address these growing issues.  

In terms of dealing with whoever they are managing, there is a widespread perception of women being far better mentors and of being fairer and more honest. Whether this is objectively true or not is unimportant, what is significant is that employees are happier and feel more appreciated with women managers. If you want a happy workforce, promote or hire more women to senior positions.  

Different perspectives

At a base level, having a diverse input of perspectives is essential to the smooth running of a company and for avoiding employee discontent. In management positions, which can often be dominated by men, it is integral that your company is able to have multiple different inputs during decision making processes. This will also help to encourage more diverse hiring and promotion processes.  

Furthermore, research suggests that women in management positions have better communication skills than their counterparts. This includes a better understanding of their team’s concerns, as well as greater patience with developing their employees or dealing with difficult situations.  


When any person is consistently overlooked for positions or opportunities that they deserve as a result of their identity, it can be incredibly infuriating. In turn, when they are respected for their full capabilities, they are more likely to appreciate that company for not discriminating against them.  

Consistently giving opportunities to people like this will be a massive step towards developing a truly inclusive company culture. This does not come from only having diverse recruitment, but by having your staff believe that the company champions inclusion. Having women in senior positions will help to highlight your company’s commitment to EDI and encourage your staff to stay where they are appreciated.  

Given that staff turnover is an enormous and potentially avoidable cost to most businesses across the UK, becoming a company that nobody wants to leave could quite likely give you the step ahead of your competitors.