At many times in our lives, we need support or advice to help us get through a difficult period. This page outlines a number of sources of such support, as well as places you can get help with discrimination in the workplace.

There is Support Available to You

The COVID-19 pandemic has made work harder and more anxiety inducing than ever. For those who face harassment, discrimination or are anxious about their identity at work, this period is even more challenging.  

As such, we felt it was important to find and collate information and links to several of the UK’s organisations who support and advice LGBTQ+ people. The support is varied, including some being purely related to workplace discrimination, others providing a safe space for certain groups and some offering advice on mental health issues relating to the LGBTQ+ community.  


In cases of discrimination, Acas can help be an intermediary to resolve conflicts within a company. They also advise that you try and resolve any claims of discrimination within your organisation before officially reaching out to a third party such as Acas.  

They offer a wide range of advice on discrimination, including a useful resource regarding what to do if you or a colleague are discriminated against.  

Citizens Advice

Citizens Advice is an organisation that offers free advice and support to people across the UK for a wide variety of issues. If you want to talk to someone about a general complaint or issue, Citizens Advice might be right for you. 

Alongside having extensive information on discrimination related to gender identity and sexual orientation, they also refer people to appropriate organisations should you decide to take a complaint against your employer further. This includes references to local law centres or even the potential for free representation, depending on your income and where you live. 


Stonewall are a national charity that supports and campaigns for the LGBTQ+ community. One resource that we value is their glossary that explains all the related terminology, which you could send to a colleague or manager to help educate them about the community.  

Mindline Trans+ 

If you are transgender, non-binary, gender-diverse or gender-fluid, this national helpline offers a confidential and non-judgemental listening service. The service can be reached on Mondays and Fridays from 8pm until midnight. 

Furthermore, the service is open to any friends or families of trans+ people who require advice on how to support that trans+ person and is run by trans+ people to ensure you get quality advice.  


This is a helpline made specifically for LGBTQ+ people, which is open from 10am until 11pm every day by calling 0300 330 0630. If you don’t want to talk to someone over the phone, you can also talk to Switchboard online or email them by going to their website.  


If you are suffering from mental health difficulties, Saneline is a helpline for offering advice and emotional support and can be contacted on 0845 7678 000 between 12pm and 11p on weekdays and between 12pm and 6pm on weekends. Furthermore, Saneline is open to talking with families and carers about someone who is suffering and will provide advice about how you can further support them.