A recent study revealed that over 50% of UK job seekers from low socioeconomic backgrounds said they feel overlooked in the workforce. If this tells us anything about the state of the British job market, it’s that employers must improve their social mobility initiatives to ensure a fairer recruitment process.

If you’re a job seeker from a diverse socio-economic background, we understand that you’re facing some unique challenges. This resource hub is designed to support and empower you as you navigate the job market.

We’ve listed the top organisations that help people from disadvantaged socioeconomic backgrounds access employment and education opportunities in the UK.

Advice and Guidance

National Careers Service

This resource, run by the UK government, provides expert advice, tools, and resources for job seekers from all socioeconomic backgrounds. From help with career decisions to job seeking, it contains a wealth of up-to-date information.

Diversity and Inclusion Resources

Browse our collection of recommended diversity and inclusion resources aimed at supporting specific socioeconomic groups in the UK.


Offers support and resources for LGBTQ+ inclusion in the workplace.

Race Equality Foundation

Provides support and advice on addressing racial inequalities in the workplace. Its goal is to improve the lives of Black, Asian and minority ethnic communities in the UK.

Women’s Business Council

Champions gender equality in the workplace and empowers women to reach their full potential in the business world.


This employment charity is solely aimed at supporting women with criminal convictions in finding sustainable employment.

Migrant Help

Helps migrants gain access to employment services and resources to improve their lives in the UK.

Financial Support

Get to know what financial aid and benefits you may be entitled to as a UK worker.

Universal Credit

This government-run resource provides advice and financial support for low income or out of work UK citizens.


A debt charity that provides expert and advice on how to manage your finances and get out of debt.

Training and development

Discover local skills development programmes available to you as a job seeker from an underrepresented group.


An award-winning training provider that offers training, courses, and support to help adults from all walks of life gain new skills and find sustainable work.


Provides leadership and employability programmes for young people from diverse backgrounds in the UK.

Social Mobility Foundation

This UK charity aims to make practical improvement in social mobility for young people from low-income backgrounds.

The Access Project

Aids students from disadvantaged backgrounds in achieving their academic and career goals.

Job Search Platforms

Find inclusive and accessible jobs from diverse-friendly employers as well as support and resources to help you with the search.

Aspiring to Include

We partner with leading inclusive employers across the UK to connect job seekers from diverse socioeconomic backgrounds with the best employment opportunities. Our comprehensive resource hub and blog offers a wealth of free advice and guides on navigating the job market and overcoming common challenges.

Careers with Disabilities

One of the UK’s leading job search sites for people with disabilities. On top of a disability-friendly job board, you can count on a dedicated resource hub that’s packed with information on finding employment with a disability and knowing your rights as a UK worker.

Refreshing a Career

Our sister site is dedicated to supporting UK workers in making a career change. With support and extensive guides on how to transition to a new career at any age, you can leverage our career-change job board to find your dream role.

We hope our support and resources hub provides you with the information and advice you need to achieve your career aspirations.