Even before the pandemic, the difficulties faced by those in the BAME community in the UK lead to the need for some extra support. This guide lists links for both general and COVID-related support.

General Support

Black and Minority Ethnic Health and Wellbeing Service

The purpose of this service is to support individuals from vulnerable groups who suffer from a range of mental health problems. They offer one-to-one support to individuals in a variety of mediums, including over the phone or in person, as well as providing community support programs.

These services come in a range of accessible formats that take into account any cultural, linguistic or religious criteria.


They have established a Google group to facilitate communication in the refugee or migrant communities, which you can access by emailing this address: catherine.kelly@uklgig.org.uk

Organising and Caring for Ethnic and All Nations (OCEAN)

Based in Cheshire East, OCEAN looks to provide a voice for ethnic minorities in the region. Their overall aim is to reduce any social isolation in the community and develop greater wellbeing. It hopes to achieve this by enhancing community cohesion by representing a place that the whole community can belong to whenever necessary.

The Traumatic Stress Service

Translated into 13 different languages, the Traumatic Stress Service has developed practical advice and guidance on coping strategies during anxious times.

Red Cross

In collaboration with the Co-op, the Runnymede Trust and the Centre for Loneliness at the University of Sheffield, the Red Cross have released a report on loneliness among people in the BAME community. This includes recommendations on ensuring that everyone feels a sense of belonging and knows how to get help for loneliness.

Public Health England

Public Health England has continued to release these health guides for migrants in the UK, releasing them in different languages and available for download. Recently, they have added a section for COVID-19 testing and treatment, as well as some general advice on dealing with COVID-19.

Black Minds Matter UK

Recognising the financial and emotional strain on Black individuals and families in the UK, Black Minds Matter are campaigning to remove the stigmas of accessing therapy and cover any costs of therapy for those in the community.

Coronavirus Support

The Muslim Council of Britain

With any potential complications regarding your faith, the Muslim Council of Britain has published several different guides relating to their point of view on different proceedings, including testing and the vaccine. Furthermore, they offer numerous guides and advisory resources on dealing with the impact of the pandemic on your mental health and help in dealing with any financial problems.

If you want continuous updates from the Muslim Council of Britain, they also provide links to their WhatsApp, Telegram and Email.

International Organisation for Migration

Established by the UK Country Office, the International Organisation for Migration offers information and vital services for migrants of all kinds, including translations to several different languages.

Manchester City Council

Translated into around 20 different languages, Manchester City Council has developed up-to-date information on accessing any support or online services throughout the pandemic. All are available for free download. Their aim is to ensure that you remain connected to all necessary resources and people despite the circumstances.