With the economy changing faster than ever and the negative impact of COVID-19, today’s job market is incredibly difficult. We have established a number of guides to support LGBTQ+ people navigate these challenges.

Navigating the UK job market is difficult enough, if you are also having to deal with societal or internal pressures relating to your identity, or discrimination from others, this is even more challenging. Our aim is to alleviate some of these difficulties by providing information and guidance to yourself, your colleagues and employers.  

Aspiring to Include are dedicated to raising awareness about the importance of diversity and inclusion in the workplace. Raising awareness about LGBTQ+ community, including finding and rooting out workplace discrimination, is integral to our mission.   

A significant part of this is helping LGBTQ+ people themselves better understand what help and support they can access. This will hopefully develop a working culture in the UK that accepts being called out for making errors and cherishes the UK’s diversity like we do. 

For an explanation of our use of certain acronyms or terms, we encourage you to read our terminology page 

Understanding Discrimination and Your Rights in the Workplace

In order to raise awareness about what classes as discrimination and what doesn’t, LGBTQ+ people need to completely understand the laws themselves. Knowing what is and isn’t ok will help you to educate those around you and raise awareness for what makes an appropriate company culture.  

Although an increasing number of employers aspire to develop an inclusive, diverse and equal company culture, many cannot recognise the experiences of others. As such, as an LGBTQ+ person it is important that you feel comfortable speaking up about the law and your rights in the workplace.  

This guide details your rights in accordance with the Equality Act 2010, in which sexual orientation, sex and gender reassignment are protected characteristics.  

Where to Access Support and Resources

The challenges faced by LGBTQ+ people in the UK often lead to needing some extra advice or support form experts. We felt it was important that we listed some of the support and resources available to LGBTQ+ people, whether they are general or specific for certain identities or groups.  

This includes support for mental health, helplines, advice for families and friends, how to deal with harassment or discrimination in the workplace and even how to take legal proceedings against your employer, should it come to that. 

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