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The LGBT community in London is thriving, and there are plenty of opportunities to meet like-minded people and celebrate your sexual identity. There are also a variety of LGBT jobs in London, meaning roles with inclusive employers who respect your sexual identity, as well as jobs working with the LGBT community itself.


All jobs are LGBT jobs, in theory. You have rights to protect your role no matter what your sexual preference or gender identity. You don’t have to tell your employer your sexual identity and it should have no bearing on job availability.

However, there are some LGBT jobs that are more inclusive than others and finding an equal opportunities employer can make your work life a lot more satisfying. For example, many employers now have LGBT equality charters and offer clear guidelines on company culture.

There is a lot of talk about London being an LGBT-friendly city. This isn’t universally the case and unfortunately, there is still some discrimination. Generally, the capital has long been a place where the LGBT community can feel safe and find jobs.

You should not be pigeonholed or have to fight for your rights at work, so finding inclusive employers is crucial.

Stonewall publishes its top 100 employers for inclusivity each year, and the Ministry of Justice, Citi Group, Vodafone, Sky UK, and Barclays are among the companies that score highly and offer opportunities within London.

Working Within the LGBT Community

Some jobs focus on working with LGBT people.  This can be a great way to meet people and learn more about the community. There are many organisations that focus specifically on LGBT rights, such as Stonewall or LGBT Foundation. You could also look for LGBT charity jobs in London or roles within campaigning groups that work towards LGBT equality.

There are even specialist career paths such as lawyers specialising in equality and LGBT rights.

Jobs in the LGBT community may include:

  • Working in gay clubs and venues.
  • Working for LGBT organisations.
  • Campaigning LGBT rights and equality.
  • LGBT-focused journalism and writing.

Remember that the opportunities should not be led by your sexual identity so you can work in whichever field you wish. Discrimination has not been eradicated, but it is getting better and there is more support for LGBT people.

Why Work in London?

London is a fantastic place to live, work, and play no matter your sexual preference or gender identity. There are LGBT events throughout the year such as Pride in London that celebrates LGBT+ culture across the city.

There are also many LGBT-friendly places to live and work, with a variety of LGBT jobs in London. The city is constantly active and there are always new things to explore.

Finding LGBT Jobs in London

If you want to work specifically within LGBT organisations then it is a good idea to approach them directly or visit their websites to find out what opportunities are available.

For LGBT job vacancies in London, explore our inclusive jobs board, which has regular updates from employers that have a great track record of creating diverse and inclusive workplaces and are happy to work with people who identify as LGBT. You can apply for a relevant role straight away if it piques your interest.

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