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Though in theory there should be no discrimination based on your background, there are definitely employers who are much more supportive of ethnic minorities and people from a variety of backgrounds. Here, we explore BME jobs and finding jobs for black people and those from a minority background in the UK.

Diverse Employers in the UK

Finding BME Jobs in the UK often means finding a diverse and inclusive employer. There are many employers in the UK who are happy to have a more diverse workplace and understand that this can only improve their business.

Look at the companies that you want to work for and see how diverse their workforce is. Inclusive Companies is an agency that provides a top 50 list of diverse employers, which is a good place to start, and our diverse jobs board has plenty of opportunities from employers who recruit from all backgrounds.

Understanding the Discrimination Faced by BME Jobseekers in the UK

There are many different forms of discrimination faced by those from a black or minority ethnic background in the job market. Though in theory, your rights are protected, some employers still have prejudice.

BME job opportunities should be the same as those open to anyone else, so don’t be put off from applying for jobs, but finding an employer you know has a great record of working with ethnic minorities can give you peace of mind.

If You Experience Racial Discrimination

If you believe that you have been discriminated against because of your race in the workplace, you can take action and make a claim or discrimination to the employment tribunal if necessary.

The law protects people from all backgrounds, but having to go through the process can be arduous and it is obviously far better if workplaces are not discriminatory. That’s why organisations with a supportive culture are the best to join.

Working in Diversity

Diversity can actually provide you with a job. There are many employers who are looking for help to improve their diversity policies, and have a workforce that is more representative of society. If you are interested in working in diversity, roles such as diversity and inclusion officers may be suitable.

Finding BME Jobs

Of course, there is no such thing as a “BME” job. Job vacancies should be accessible by anyone who is qualified, regardless of race. This is true equality. Carers boards such as Aspiring to Include are all about finding a diversity positive employer and we help match diverse workers with potential roles.

To ensure that you work in an environment with a representative and inclusive workforce, check our jobs board today.

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