How an Inclusive Job Board Can Help You Land the Job of Your Dreams

Written by Luke Kitchen
Last updated January 18, 2023

An inclusive job board could be your next big discovery. Looking for a job can be a tricky business. Not only do you need to find a job that meets your skills, experience, and qualification, but you also want to make sure that you find a job environment that will make you happy too.

We spend a lot of time at work every week. So, if we are unhappy in our jobs, this can take a big toll on our lives. Unfortunately, many people out there don’t have a great time at work and this does lead to stress and unhappiness. 

For many people, this negative situation can arise from workplace discrimination, exclusion, and bias. 

There are different groups of people who regularly have to deal with workplace issues like those listed above. Namely women, those in the LGBTQ+ community, migrants and refugees, those in the BAME community, people who practice different religions and beliefs, older people, people with varying socioeconomic backgrounds, disabled people, and so on. 

Here at Aspiring to Include, we believe in helping people in these categories find the job of their dreams. One of the main tools we use to do this is our inclusive job board. So, we thought we would dedicate a blog to talking about this job board, how it works, and how it can help you find your dream job too. 

Let’s start with an important definition… 

What Does “Inclusive” Mean?

What do we mean by an inclusive job board? Well, inclusion means including everyone. Every kind of person. Many job boards and career services aren’t inclusive, sometimes without even realising it, in the way that they phrase things, describe jobs, provide criteria, and streamline candidates. Many diverse job seekers are excluded from jobs before they even apply due to carelessness around inclusion and exclusion. 

For example, new mothers might be excluded from a job post if the posting stipulates no career breaks within the last 5 years. Refugees and migrants might be excluded if only U.K. qualifications and work experience are accepted. People in the LGBTQ+ community may be excluded if there are only policies surrounding opposite-sex paternity and maternity leave in the contracts. 

In addition to this, if there isn’t exclusion in job adverts and criteria, many diverse job seekers fall at the next hurdle, the interview process. Many interview panels and decision-makers have biases towards certain people and groups. For example, a black woman may find that she has to take 100 interviews to get a job, whereas a white male may only have 5. Many diverse job seekers fall victim to bias and discrimination in recruitment processes, which makes the search for a job disheartening, long and stressful. 

Inclusion is the opposite of these scenarios. It is giving everyone the same opportunities in recruitment and employment, regardless of who they are. It is about thinking of the different hurdles that different groups face and counteracting those hurdles with proactive equity. 

Let’s talk further about how that might look on an inclusive job board. 

What is Different about an Inclusive Job Board 

On an inclusive job board, you will only find inclusive opportunities. Ones written with inclusive language, inclusive criteria, and an inclusive focus. They will be posted by diversity-positive employers who have an inclusive work environment and culture, and who promote inclusive practice throughout their interview and recruitment processes. 

These job boards can allow lots of different groups of people to have different job search experiences. Previously left behind, they can find themselves eligible for a wide range of jobs that they like. They can also find themselves engaged in fair, inclusive, and accessible interview processes that allow them to shine for who they truly are. 

All of this can be truly transformative. It can also work towards closing unfair gaps in employment statistics, such as between the white and BAME communities. With inclusive recruitment, every group of people can be fairly represented and given an equal chance, without discrimination or bias creeping in. 

A lot of work goes into the creation and maintenance of an inclusive job board and so they are generally run by companies who truly care about the cause of equality, diversity, and inclusion in the workplace

Like us here at Aspiring to Include.

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