The Top 5 Reasons the World Needs More Women in Leadership Positions

Written by Luke Kitchen
Last updated December 30, 2021

The world needs women in leadership roles. This sentiment has been echoed for decades, and now it’s time to take action. Women have always played an essential role in the workforce, but not enough women are being given leadership opportunities. This article will give you our top 5 reasons why we need more women in leadership positions!

Historically, women have excelled both in business and politically, despite the obstacles they faced. Yet, women remain a minority in leadership roles, both domestically and internationally. We’ve come a long way, but women still face tremendous challenges in the workforce when it comes to achieving leadership positions globally.

Fortunately, women’s empowerment is receiving more attention than ever before as countries worldwide take measures to increase gender equality through legislation and policy-making.

Women Make Great Leaders

Everyone witnessed the way that Jacinda Arden excelled in her management of COVID-19 in New Zealand. By managing the pandemic with empathy and a level-head, Arden limited cases to a bare minimum while gaining international recognition for her leadership.

She is not the only woman to show women are capable of managing crises in a highly effective way, but an example of women’s ability to excel when given the opportunity. While women have always played significant roles behind the scenes or at lower levels in business and politics, it isn’t until they’re given the opportunity to lead that women prove their worth.

Women’s Scientific Discoveries are at an All-Time High

According to a study by Nature, women’s scientific discoveries have increased from 14% in the 1970s to over 30% in the present day. Not to mention that in 2018, women held 49% of STEM occupations, the highest ever, and are thriving in these fields. Women have been historically underrepresented in the sciences and continue to face obstacles because of their gender. These barriers didn’t stop women like Katherine Johnson, Mary Jackson or Mae Jemison however, who made history with their STEM degrees and went on to become the first women of colour to travel in space.

Today, women in STEM continue to make waves. In 2017, at only 29-years-old, Katie Bouman made history by developing the code and photographing a black hole for the first time ever. This immense accomplishment demonstrates the untapped potential that women in science possess.

Women Empower Other Women

Women’s empowerment is not only about women in leadership roles but also women empowering other women. This can be seen through the number of women-led organizations that exist today – some examples include; UN Women, Girl Rising, and The Global Fund for Women. These organisations are all dedicated to supporting women both locally and globally.

This also applies to the business sector. A study conducted by Womenable found that women start more companies than men do – women own 30% of all new firms compared to 28% of males. These women-owned businesses are the driving force behind the women’s empowerment movement and provide other women with opportunities to become successful entrepreneurs themselves. In fact, 83% of women said that having a female mentor is important when considering a career path.

Women Strive for Social Change

Powerful young voices like Greta Thunberg have inspired women and girls globally to speak up and fight for what they believe in. The movement has grown exponentially, with women campaigning globally against issues like climate change and gender inequality. This has increased further with technological advancements as women are more globally united than ever. In January 2017, over 7 million people marched together in support of women’s rights.

Women have also campaigned against social issues such as sexual harassment and women’s health. In January 2019, women in Argentina were able to get free abortions after a bill passed with 130 votes for and 125 against it. This is just one example out of many that illustrate women uniting together to fight the injustices they face every day.

Women are the Future

New York congresswoman, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, demonstrated that you don’t need to be from a wealthy background to achieve your dreams. She was born and raised in a working-class neighbourhood and worked as a bartender before her election to Congress. Since elected, AOC has been a strong advocate for women’s rights and other causes such as climate change. She has also been an influential voice in the fight to end gun violence and is a vocal supporter of LGBTQ+ rights.

As women continue to break barriers, women will become prominent leaders of tomorrow’s society. We must empower women now so they can lead the world into the future together. Women have a unique skill set and perspective when it comes to leadership, which is why women in leadership roles are so important for global progress. Women have been found to be more open-minded than men and effective at creating a nurturing environment where people feel safe to contribute their voices.

Ocasio-Cortez shows that women from all walks of life can succeed if given the opportunity. Women represent the future, and women everywhere should be given more opportunities to lead, be successful and make history.

This article has demonstrated the top 5 reasons why the world needs more women in leadership roles. It has explained the value women bring to leadership roles and how women are becoming more influential in business, science, and society.

To find out more information on improving gender equality and women’s rights in the workplace, have a read of our guide to supporting women at work. For available job opportunities, check out our job board!

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