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Finding a job as a refugee can be really tough. There are a lot of obstacles you will have that others won’t. Lots of barriers to break through and challenges to face. While this can feel disheartening, it is important not to lose hope.

There are many jobs and job opportunities out there for refugees. There are also many different avenues for support that can help you get into those jobs and opportunities. With the right support and resources, you might find that your job search is much easier and even more enjoyable as you consider what kind of opportunity you might like to do.

What Jobs Can Refugees Do?

As long as you have the legal right to work in the U.K., there is no limit to the jobs that you can do as a refugee. There are no “refugee jobs”, there are only jobs that everyone can apply to and aspire to.

There are ways in which you can use your status as a refugee as a transferable skill. Being from another country means that you have linguistic skills, a different perspective, and a different culture from a lot of other people around you. This means that you can provide skills to fill a gap in the market.

Try to remember that what makes you different makes you valuable.

A great way to find a job that works for you is to think about what skills and qualities you currently have and then find a role to which they would apply. If there is something that you think you are missing, then you can take some extra training or education at a local school, college, university, or training provider.

What Are the Benefits of Getting a Job as a Refugee?

While getting a job might be more difficult as a refugee, it can be something that helps in a lot of different ways. Including:

  • Fulfilling your requirement for asylum status or citizenship
  • Meeting new people and making connections in your new area
  • Gaining access to support through employment schemes
  • Having money and being able to save
  • Having a focus and purpose

Working through the challenges of finding a job as a refugee is certainly worth it in the long run.

If you are looking for support in finding a job as a refugee, check out more of our guidance and advice on Aspiring to Include.

You can also take a look at our live job board to find jobs posted by Diversity-Positive employers. Finding the right working environment can really help with any difficulties you might find elsewhere.

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