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As of 2021, there are over 690,000 Polish nationals living in the U.K. This means that the Polish community in the U.K. is both a vibrant and thriving community with an important contributing factor to the country as a whole.

As such, there are more job opportunities and careers available for Polish-speaking people than ever before in the U.K., including Northern Ireland.

What Are the Best Polish-speaking Jobs?

There are a lot of different career options available for those who are Polish-speaking and living in Belfast. What kind of job you decide to do will depend on your own interests, skills, and personal experience.

Some of the most popular options right now in Belfast are working from home/remote jobs that offer you the opportunity to work in your native language. These jobs can include roles in customer service, helplines, IT support, sales, recruitment, and so on.

Being Polish-speaking no longer needs to be a disadvantage for those living and working in the U.K. Our global world allows lots of different opportunities to be available, even from our own homes.

Can I Find Polish-speaking Jobs in Belfast?

Of course! There are lots of Polish-speaking jobs available that will be appropriate for those who live in Belfast. There is also lots of support and guidance available for you if you are having difficulties finding a job due to your language and nationality. 

Aspiring to Include work to make sure people of all backgrounds have equal and fair access to the jobs that they want to do. This includes providing access to support, guidance, and advice so that you know your rights, know how to get the job you want, and know what to do if something goes wrong.

Everyone should have the same opportunities to live and work so if you don’t feel like you currently do have this same fair chance, please do get in touch.

Where Can I Find the Best Polish-speaking Jobs?

The best place to find Polish-speaking jobs is through our inclusive and diverse job board. On the job board, you will find jobs specifically sourced to be suitable to a wide range of people with a wide range of skills and backgrounds.

Here you will be able to find jobs posted by Diversity-Positive employers who want to hire employees from a diverse and inclusive pool of candidates.

As mentioned, please also take a look at all the resources on our site relating to migrant jobseekers in the U.K. You will find all the support, guidance, and advice that you need to find the job you want as a Polish-speaking person looking for work in Belfast.

You can chat with us too, right here.

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