Trangender Nursing Jobs

If you are transgender, you may be anxious about finding an inclusive employer that will be respectful of your pronouns and your gender identity. Transgender nursing jobs can be a good way to find a supportive community and a fulfilling role.

LGBT+ Jobs in the NHS

A huge percentage of the jobs available in nursing in the UK are through the NHS. You can become a registered nurse by going to university and studying nursing, or through a registered nurse degree apprenticeship (RNDA) if you want to learn in a more hands-on capacity.

In the NHS, around 7% of successfully appointed people in 2019 were LGBT+ and due to the size of the workforce, this makes the NHS one of the biggest employers of LGBT+ people in the UK.

The NHS offers a Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Trans (LGBT+) network to advise and help the organisation to ensure that it is inclusive and a safe place for LGBT people to work.

The LGBT+ network also offers support and advice to transgender staff who want to transition at work, and they organise events for employees.

If you are transgender and considering a career in nursing, working for the NHS could be a great option for you. The fast-paced environment can be a challenge, but it comes with rewards, too.

Sadly, it may come with its own issues, as around 13.7% of LGBT+ staff in the company reported discrimination from the public, and more than half of these reported the abuse was to do with their sexuality or sexual orientation. Transgender nurses have been known to face abuse from the public within their job.

Inclusive Nursing Employers

While the NHS is a great employer for LGBT+ people, there are many other inclusive employers out there in the private sector.

When looking for transgender nursing jobs, it is important to find an employer that will be respectful of your gender identity and pronouns.

While your rights are protected under law, it is best to find a diversity-positive employer to properly understand your needs and respect your identity.

Finding Transgender Nurse Jobs

If you want to work within the NHS, you can use their dedicated jobs website to search for roles near you. Our inclusive jobs board is also a fantastic place to search, and features a range of employers with diverse workforces.

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