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Being a mum is already one of the hardest jobs in the world. But that doesn’t mean that mums don’t want or need a job outside of the home too.

Finding the right job as a mum can be tricky. You need something that will allow you to deal with all the responsibilities you have every day and you need something that will fit into your pre-existing life. You also need a job that you enjoy and that matches your own personal skills so that you be as happy and satisfied as possible while working.

A tricky task, but not impossible.

What Jobs Can Mums Do?

There are lots of jobs that mums can do, it all depends on your own schedule, flexibility, and what you want to do.

A lot of mums prefer to work in jobs that offer them time flexibility, such as part-time jobs, flexi-time jobs, or ad-hoc jobs. Other mums prefer to work from home entirely, especially after the pandemic. Fortunately, there are lots of these jobs available right now in nearly every sector of work.

There is nothing that you “can’t do” simply because you are a mum, or because you are pregnant. In fact, if anyone tells you otherwise, this is discrimination under the Protected Characteristics section of the Equality Act 2010.

It’s important that you know your rights so that you can know when you are and aren’t being treated appropriately.

What Are the Best Working Mum Jobs?

What the best job role for you is will be up to you and who you are as an individual person. One of the most important factors in whether a job is suitable for you as a mum or not will be the employer that you work for.

Having an inclusive, diverse, and understanding employer will determine how easy and accessible it is for you as a mum to hold down your job. Finding a role posted by the right employer is one of the very best ways to approach your job search as a mum.

Finding someone Diversity-Positive is the best thing you can do.

Where Can I Find Good Jobs for Mums Near Me?

If you want to find good jobs for mums, posted by Diversity-Positive employers, you can do so on our diverse and inclusive job board.

You can also check out our guidance on how to find the right employer and how to manage your own diversity in the workplace.

Good luck!

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