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Birmingham is a city full of job opportunities if you know how to look for them. There is really no such thing as a specific LGBT job, of course, but finding gay jobs in Birmingham could be as simple as finding an inclusive employer, or working in the LGBTQ+ community.

Working in Birmingham

Working in Birmingham can be a great experience. The city is constantly buzzing with energy, and there’s usually something going on. Birmingham also has a large and active LGBTQ+ community, so you’ll never feel alone or out of place here.

Of course, there are people all over the country with outdated opinions and prejudice, but your rights should protect you in the workplace.

All in all, Birmingham is a good place to live and work as an LGBT person.

Gay Jobs in Birmingham

It is worth saying that there should be no job opportunities withheld from you because of your sexuality. The Equality Act should protect you and if you encounter prejudice you might be able to take action.

With that in mind, gay jobs in Birmingham can be pretty much whatever you wish. You don’t even have to disclose your sexuality.

For some people, gay jobs will mean working within the gay community. This could mean a job such as:

  • Working in a gay bar within Birmingham’s gay village, jobs are regularly available in this area of Birmingham, known for being LGBT-friendly.
  • Working in events and being a part of Gay Pride.
  • Working for an LGBT charity.
  • Running an LGBTQ+ support group.
  • Working as a solicitor or lawyer with a specialism in LGBTQ+ matters.

There are also plenty of non-LGBT specific roles that are welcoming and inclusive of all sexualities such as therapists, counsellors, doctors, lawyers, bankers and teachers. There should be no limit. Birmingham is known as the city of a thousand trades. This means opportunities include working in businesses such as electrical equipment, tools, chemicals, glass manufacturing, and food, to name just a few.

Your Rights in the Workplace

You have certain rights within the workplace protected under law, such as the right to not be discriminated against because of your sexuality. You can also ask to be called whichever pronouns you like into the workplace. Your sexuality and identity should be respected at all times.

If you feel like you have been a victim of discrimination, there are steps you can take. Talk to your employer or HR department and try to resolve the issue, or make a formal complaint using your employer’s grievance procedure.

Finding Gay Jobs in Birmingham

Our gay jobs board is the ideal place to start your search. Inclusive employers regularly post positions on Aspiring to Include, so you can apply for the perfect LGBT-friendly job in Birmingham.

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