Engineering Jobs For Women

According to current statistics, women only make up 14.5% of working engineers. This has seen a healthy increase in the last 5 years or so, but, as you can see, there is an awful long way to go before engineering can be seen as an equal, diverse, or inclusive field of work. 

It is important that we work together to make these changes happen and it is important that women are encouraged into the fields they love. 

If you are a female engineer or an aspiring one, this page aims to give you hope and guidance on what is out there and how to find it.

How Can Women Join the Field of Engineering?

There is a common misconception that engineering is only for men and, to this day, the field is dominated by men.

However, more women get the best results at A-Level in the STEM subjects needed to study engineering and more women who go on to study engineering at University get the higher degree classifications than the male students in their class. 

Women are 100% more than capable of being engineers and joining the field of engineering. The only thing holding them back is stereotyping and old-fashioned discrimination

Charities and networks such as WES (Women Engineering Society) are great places to consult for advice and to make new, valuable connections. Having the right role models can really help women look ahead to a profitable career in engineering. They offer mentoring services and conferences for students which are great resources for those looking to get started in the field.

How Can Women Find Engineering Jobs?

Many women in engineering face discrimination, harassment, and isolation in the workplace due to their gender. 

This is inappropriate and illegal. 

One of the very best things you can do for yourself as a woman in engineering is to seek out a job with a Diversity-Positive company that wants to work with people of all types, kinds, and creeds. 

Finding an employer who will support and action equality, diversity, and inclusion in the workplace is hugely important to your career and your journey within the said career. 

You deserve to be treated equally and fairly, and companies who do not provide this do not deserve the best employees. So take your skills elsewhere. 

Also, remember that it is ok to speak out about the mistreatment you have faced in the past. It’s always important to report discrimination so that these things can be dealt with accordingly. 

Where Can I Find Great Engineering Jobs as a Woman?

If you want to find great engineering roles posted by great, diverse companies, you should have a look at our diverse and inclusive job board. 

You can also check out our information and resources for diverse job seekers to find out everything you need to know both on your job search and while in employment. 

Women deserve to be in engineering and they deserve support while doing so. You can find that support easily at Aspiring to Include.

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