6 Top Tips Make Roles More Appealing to Migrants and Refugees

Written by Calvin
Last updated December 18, 2021

Today marks International Migrant Day. It is a day to celebrate migrant populations and migrant communities, their contributions to society, and their place in our workforce. But how can employers use it to help encourage migrant workers? The answer may lie with six tips for employers on how they can make migrant jobs more appealing.

Job Adverts

Instead of writing your typical job ad, consider tailoring it to migrant employees by including language that reflects their unique experiences and needs. This could be done through the use of emotive words like ‘survivor’ or phrases like “this role is perfect for someone who has always wanted to work in a social justice field.” Also, as migrant employees may not have the same family and home-life as local workers, consider including a specific line in your job ad that states “we are flexible with working hours for this position” or “We offer competitive benefits such as free transportation to those who work more than 20+ hours per week.

Recruitment Strategies

Another way to make migrant jobs more appealing is by using migrant-specific job seeking methods. For example, consider adding a section in your company’s careers portal that focuses on migrant opportunities and lists companies that prioritise hiring migrant workers. This could be done through the use of hashtags like #RefugeesWelcome or #WeAreMigrants.

Migrant Specific Benefits and Perks

As well as thinking about how you can make migrant jobs appealing, also think about the ways in which your company’s culture could be attractive to migrant employees. For example, when thinking of what type of employee benefit or perk you want to offer this year, consider if it is possible for migrant employees as well. You could achieve this through the use of benefits such as transportation or even language lessons.

Community Engagement and Integration Activities

One way to help migrant jobs become more appealing is by including migrant workers in day-to-day company culture and events. For example, if your company has a sports team or a yoga session, migrant employees should also be encouraged to participate as well. This could be done through the use of incentives such as “free lunch for those who attend all five sessions.”

Migrant Integration and Community-Building Events

Another way to make migrant jobs more appealing is by hosting migrant specific activities and events that allow migrant employees to get involved with the company and migrant community. You may consider running various activities such as “movie nights” or “sports leagues.”

Support for Migrant Family Members

Finally, it is also possible to make migrant jobs more appealing by considering how you can incorporate both migrant employees and their families into your company culture. Employers may use of migrant specific benefits for family members such as free meals or child care services.

Aspiring to Include is dedicated to supporting underrepresented workers, including migrants and refugees. To read about the benefits of hiring migrants and refugees, visit our resource page for employers, or contact us for further support on how we can help promote your roles to diverse talent.

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