5 Steps for Employers to Make an Ideal Workplace for Black Employees

Written by Luke Kitchen
Last updated November 25, 2021

Society has come a long way since black people first gained equal protection under the law in 1868. But racism still exists in the modern-day, and sometimes it’s not so apparent. Small things such as black employees feeling less valued, less appreciated and less comfortable than white employees all contribute to a society where people are divided by the colour of their skin, and that’s not right. 

Black employees need to be treated with the same respect and consideration that other races are given in the workplace. Black employees deserve an environment where they can feel included and represented. Below are five steps employers can take to make sure their black employees feel like a part of the team: 

1. Be inclusive 

Black people often feel left out or ignored in work settings because there might not be many black people within the workforce. Make sure you make an effort to give black applicants equal opportunities throughout your recruitment process to ensure your workforce is as diverse as it can be. 

2. Listen to Them 

This might seem obvious, but it can’t be looked past; listen to your black employees! One of the best ways to ensure you have a diverse and happy workforce is by getting input from them about what changes you could implement to make it more inclusive for them. Take on their requests and consider their concerns; after all, nobody understands how black employees feel better than black employees themselves! 

3. Celebrate Them 

Celebrating events such as black history month will show your black employees that you not only value them but respect their heritage and background. Engaging in events that celebrate black people will show your employees that you’re proud to have them as part of your team. 

4. Treat Them Fairly 

This one might seem obvious too, but treating your black employees the same way as white employees will ensure they know they’re valued. Nobody wants to find out that they’re paid less than someone else who does the same job as them, especially not if the only thing that separates them is the colour of their skin. If you pay your employees according to their skin colour and not the work they do, then you could find yourself in some seriously hot water. Make sure you offer the same wages and benefits to all of your employees that carry out the same role; after all, they’re all equals. 

5. Make Sure Your Company Policy Backs Up Your Words 

It’s easy enough to talk the talk, but one thing you must do to make sure that your black employees are happy and comfortable at work is to make sure that your business has a no-nonsense policy when it comes to racism in any form. Make sure your employees are all aware of the companies stance and deal with any issues accordingly. For black employees to feel comfortable, they need to feel protected by you. 

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Last Updated: Monday June 20 2022
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