11 Ways to Support LGBTQ+ Employees

Written by Luke Kitchen
Last updated October 27, 2021

As LGBTQ+ rights and acceptance continue to grow, it is more common for LGBTQ+ people to feel comfortable coming out in the workplace. However, LGBTQ+ employees still face discrimination and harassment. If you are an employer looking to support your LGBTQ+ workers, here are 11 ways that you can do so: 

1. Make Sure You are Well Educated 

It is crucial to make sure you are well educated on LGBTQ+ issues before you can inform others. If you are not familiar with LGBTQ+ culture and issues, then take some time to do some research to ensure any information you pass on to your staff is correct. 

2. Promote LGBTQ+ Awareness

Promote LGBTQ+ awareness and acceptance in the workplace by sharing LGBTQ+ articles or information with your staff. Provide education and inclusivity training to all members of your team. 

3. Take LGBTQ+ Discrimination Seriously

Create an LGBTQ+ workplace discrimination policy that prohibits any form of harassment or discrimination toward LGBTQ+ employees and makes it clear that no type of discriminatory behaviour will be tolerated within your company culture. 

4. Make Sure LGBTQ+ Workers Have an Ally

Develop an LGBTQ+ ally program where employees can take on a leadership role in supporting LGBTQ+ workers or join employee groups that fight for LGBTQ+ rights within the workplace. Making sure LGBTQ+ workers have allies will ensure they have somebody to talk to if they need support. 

5. Take Action

If you see discrimination happening in the workplace, you must take action immediately. 

LGBTQ+ employees are protected under federal law, so you must move quickly to deal with any discrimination. If you see an LGBTQ+ employee being harassed or discriminated against by another co-worker, take action immediately! 

6. Create a Diverse Work Environment 

Create a work environment where LGBTQ+ employees feel welcomed and accepted. LGBTQ+ employees are more likely to be successful in an environment where they can bring their whole self to work every day, free of discrimination or harassment. One way to do this could be to adopt a gender-neutral environment and introduce inclusive language. 

7. Provide LGBTQ+ Resources

Offer LGBTQ+ employee resource groups that allow your LGBTQ+ workers to come together both professionally and personally. LGBTQ+ resources can help LGBTQ+ employees with their career development and provide emotional support to LGBTQ+ workers. 

8. Welcome LGBTQ+ Workers  

Encourage LGBTQ+ job applicants by making it clear through your company’s policies and values that LGBTQ+ workers are welcomed, accepted and celebrated within your workplace. Make it clear to LGBTQ+ job applicants that you want them to bring their whole self to work every day by including LGBTQ+ inclusive language in your hiring documents. 

9. Support the Local LGBTQ+ Community  

Show your support to the local LGBTQ+ community by providing information to employees about local events and groups, sponsoring a Pride Party, Participating in LGBTQ+ events and attending LGBTQ+ Pride Parades. 

10. Ask and Respect Your Staffs’ Preferences

The best way to ensure your staff trust you is to speak to them and show that you respect their preferences. Make it a regular part of your company’s culture to ask workers their preferred pronouns and how they would like to be addressed. 

11. Be Approachable

It is vital that LGBTQ+ workers feel comfortable coming to you if they are experiencing any discrimination or harassment. LGBTQ+ employees should be able to reach out and ask for help without fear of retaliation or judgement.   

To learn more about LGBTQ+ support and inclusive recruitment, please visit our dedicated pages, sign up for our newsletter or contact us for additional information.  

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