Transgender Awareness Week 2021

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Last updated November 16, 2021

Transgender Awareness Week is an annual campaign that takes place each November to highlight the diversity of trans people in Britain and their contributions to society. As trans visibility increases, there are more opportunities for employers to become aware of the needs of transgender staff members and how they might be accommodated at work. At Aspiring to Include, we understand that Transgender employees can feel fearful or anxious about coming out as trans when they start a new job. This article will give you some tips on how you can come out as transgender at work with confidence!

What is Transgender Awareness Week?

Transgender Awareness Week runs between 13th and 19th November every year, and it’s an annual campaign that aims to highlight the diversity of trans people in Britain and their contributions to society. Transgender Awareness Week is very important because it helps bring transgender issues into the mainstream, so more employers become aware of what being a trans person means and what they can do to make them feel comfortable in the workplace. Transgender people are more visible in the media, politics and pop culture than ever before. Transgender Awareness Week is a great time to be trans because it can help employers become aware of what being transgender means for their staff members.

What Does Transgender Mean?

Being Transgender simply means someone’s gender identity differs from that which was assigned at birth. Transgender people may identify as male, female or nonbinary. Transgender is an umbrella term for people whose gender identity does not match the sex they were assigned at birth. Being Transgender means identifying with a different gender than the one you were born into—it’s about how someone feels inside and what they know to be true for them, rather than just their sexual orientation. Transgender is an adjective and should never be used as a noun—trans people do not identify as trans, they simply are trans.

How to Come Out as Transgender at Work?

The first thing you need to know about coming out transgender at work is that there’s no right way or wrong way to go about it – what matters is that you’re comfortable with the process. Transgender people may be worried about how they will be received by their employer when coming out, but it is important to remember that there are no guarantees in life and if your manager doesn’t accept what you say then this person is not worth having around.

You don’t need permission from anyone before coming out as Transgender to your employer. It’s important to remember that Transgender people are protected from discrimination by the Equality Act 2010. Transgender Awareness Week is a great time for trans employees to come out at work and be themselves, but you shouldn’t feel pressured into coming out just because it’s Transgender Awareness Week – this should only happen when you’re ready. Transgender Awareness Week is about encouraging employers to make their trans staff members feel comfortable in the workplace, not forcing people out of the closet.

What are Some Tips for Coming Out Transgender at Work?

– Tell your employer you would like to talk privately with them and explain that it concerns a sensitive issue – Being Transgender can be stressful enough without being worried about being discriminated against by your employer, so it’s important to choose a private place for this conversation.

– It is best practice not to come out Transgender at work during the application process – If you’re unsure if your prospective employer will be supportive of Transgender people then perhaps have a chat with them before going ahead and applying for the job – Transgender people should never be discriminated against during the hiring or interview process.

– It is important to come out as Transgender at work in a private space, preferably your own office – You might feel more comfortable talking about being Transgender with someone who already knows you well and trusts you.

As long as Transgender employees are abiding by their employer’s policies and aren’t breaking any rules, Transgender people should never be discriminated against at work – Transgender Awareness Week is a great time to bring this issue into the spotlight.

Now That You’ve Come Out Transgender at Work, What Next?

It’s important for employers and their Transgender staff members to create an environment where everyone feels comfortable in the workplace. Transgender people should never be discriminated against for being Transgender and employers need to understand that Transgender employees are just like any other worker. Transgender staff members deserve the same opportunities as their non-transgender peers, so it’s important not to treat them differently because of this – they might even bring new ideas to your business!

If you’re Transgender then keep doing what you’re doing – Transgender Awareness Week is a great time to feel comfortable being Transgender at work.

For more information about what it means to be Transgender at work, visit our resource hub and be sure to look out our diverse jobs board for employment opportunities with inclusive employers across the UK.

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