The Top BAME Employers in the UK

Written by Luke Kitchen
Last updated February 18, 2022

There are many employers in the UK who are dedicated to hiring black and ethnic minority employees. These businesses understand that a diverse workforce is key to success, and they are making great strides to ensure that all employees feel welcome and appreciated. This article will discuss some of the top BAME employers in the UK and explain why they made it onto our list. We hope that this information will be helpful to job seekers looking for work in a diverse environment. 


One way in which the BBC supports its BAME employees is the BBC Black and Asian Forum (BBAF) which is an employee network led by staff providing peer support, networking opportunities and a focus for discussion of BAME related issues. The BBC run a programme called the ‘Clore Leadership Programme’ which is a 12-month programme aimed to increase the representation of BAME employees in the leadership of arts, culture and broadcast industry.  

UK Athletics  

UK Athletics state that “Equality, Diversity and Inclusion are crucially important” to them, with the values – Respect, Accountability, Communication, Quality and Integrity – at the heart of everything they do as an organisation. UK Athletics organise exhibitions, called ‘COACH’, which celebrate the contributions of black and Asian athletes and coaches, both past and present, from grassroots to elite level. 

Royal Mail 

Royal Mail finds itself on our list of top BAME employers as it takes pride in its diverse workforce when it comes to race and ethnicity, reflecting the communities in which its people live and work. Royal Mail is known to work in close partnership with Business in the Community and Race for Opportunity. The company’s Thrive Campaign works to promote awareness about the diverse mix of individuals that the organisation has and also commemorates the success of their colleagues coming from different backgrounds. 

Lloyds Banking Group 

Lloyds Banking Group’s REACH network (Race, Ethnicity and Cultural Heritage) connects, supports and develops its colleagues from a range of ethnic and cultural backgrounds. Membership to this network is open to all of the organisation’s employees. In July 2020 Lloyds launched their Race Action Plan, aiming to drive cultural change, recruitment and progression across the Group. 


SKY celebrates diversity within its workforce. The organisation “different people, with different perspectives” make them a better business. The company believes that its workforce should reflect its incredibly diverse range of customers. Sky have committed to a target of ‘20 and 5, by 2025’. 20% Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic representation and 5% Black representation. 

The Cabinet Office 

The Cabinet Office earns its place amongst the top BAME employers in the UK as it provides support to its BAME employees through its Race Equality group (CORE) which actively engages with and receives the full support of the Executive Committee -aiming to achieve a diverse and inclusive workplace. The Cabinet Office Race Equality (CORE) network exists to support an ethnically diverse and inclusive Cabinet Office. The network aims to provide information on development opportunities and support in pursuing them, as well as to provide a space where people can connect with each other and raise any issues.

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