National Inclusion Week 2023: Employer’s Guide

Written by Nicola Wylie
Last updated September 24, 2023

As National Inclusion Week 2023 approaches, we thought it was a great moment to remind employers about this important event. While every day should be a celebration of inclusion, having this annual awareness event is an excellent tool for employers looking to promote diversity and inclusion at work. Moreover, it’s the perfect opportunity to celebrate your workforce in all their diversity and build community. 

We’ve put together this employer’s guide to give you all the key information about the event and how you can get involved.

What is National Inclusion Week?

National Inclusion Week (NIW) is an annual event that promotes diversity and inclusion. It was founded by Inclusive Employers, a UK-based organisation dedicated to helping employers create inclusive workplaces. Each year, the event focuses on a specific theme to encourage people to connect with their colleagues and raise awareness. 

The event typically takes place in September and aims to shed light on the importance of creating inclusive spaces that welcome people from all backgrounds. These spaces offer an environment where everyone can feel valued, respected, and empowered. 

During the week, organisations across the UK host events, workshops, and seminars about diversity, equity, and inclusion. These activities provide education for leaders and employees about the benefits of fostering an inclusive work culture and how to tackle discrimination.

When is National Inclusion Week 2023?

National Inclusion Week 2023 will run from the 25th of September until the 1st of October. You can register to participate here.

What Is The Theme For National Inclusion Week 2023?

This year’s theme is “Take Action Make Impact”. It’s a powerful call to action, encouraging organisations to think about how they can do more for diverse and underrepresented employees.

Top Ways to Celebrate National Inclusion Week 2023 

Celebrating National Inclusion Week 2023 in your workplace demonstrates your commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion among your employees. Moreover, it creates space for employees to honour their diversity and learn more about inclusion at work.

Here are our top picks of activities to celebrate this National Inclusion Week.

1. Hold workshops and training events

National Inclusion Week is an ideal time to host educational initiatives for employees about unconscious bias, inclusive language, and cultural competence. We recommend inviting inclusivity experts to lead these sessions, as well as asking employees to share their own personal stories and experiences. These events can be held in person or online as webinars.

As part of this training, encourage employees to do their own research and make an inclusion pledge. This is a commitment to the specific actions they will take as an individual to create a more inclusive workplace.

You could also organise an inclusive networking event to encourage employees to connect with employees they don’t usually interact with. 

2. Review company policies

Events are fun, but this week is all about taking action. So, we urge companies to use this week to review and update company policies related to inclusivity, diversity, and equality. In addition, take this opportunity to identify where further policies are needed. For example, perhaps your organisation is lacking in mentorship initiatives or allyship programmes to support diverse employees.

3. Build an inclusive calendar

This week is the perfect time to take stock of your annual events calendar. Sure, you celebrate Christmas and Easter, but what about other holidays? Building an inclusive calendar that celebrates Diwali, Black History Month, LGBTQ+ Month, International Women’s Day, and Hanukkah will ensure all employees feel seen.

Ask employees for their feedback here to ensure that your company publicly acknowledges any and all important cultural and religious events.

4. Partner with a charity or non-profit organisation

Providing opportunities for employees to volunteer with inclusivity-focused organisations is a powerful way for your company to give back. Offering paid volunteering days encourages employees to get involved, giving them an opportunity to participate in a rewarding project.

Donating to charitable organisations or holding a fund-raising event is another method of showing your support. 

5. Hold a resource fair

National Inclusion Week 2023 is all about raising awareness and taking action. So, hosting a resource fair is a fantastic way to educate employees. You could partner with local organisations to set up booths dedicated to important topics, such as disability awareness, gender equality, and discrimination. 

If you have established employee resource groups, ask them to support you in setting up and managing the event. For instance, each group may want to host its own discussion panel or event. 

The best way to ensure that National Inclusion Week has a lasting impact on your organisation is to follow up. After the week, ask employees for their feedback on the events and their suggestions to improve inclusivity throughout the year. The awareness and training offered throughout the week may give employees some fresh insights and ideas on how to establish a safe and inclusive space in your workplace.

Final Thoughts

Participating in National Inclusion Week 2023 is an excellent way to demonstrate your commitment to fostering an inclusive workplace. What’s more, it provides employees with a space to celebrate diversity and learn more about their peers. 

While participating in the week of events is a great opportunity, it’s important to recognise the importance of authenticity. As an employer, inclusivity should be a top priority all year round, not just during this week. 

Partnering with inclusivity experts like Aspiring to Include to advertise jobs and enhance your accessibility is a powerful way to showcase your dedication to being a diversity-positive employer.

We collaborate with leading UK employers to connect them with the best diverse talent and to support them on their journey to become more inclusive employers. We offer a range of paid services, as well as a free resource hub for employers and job seekers.

Get in touch to see how our team of experts can help you take action and cultivate an inclusive workplace. 

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