Jewish Care Jobs

A guide to Jewish care jobs. You may be able to find a role in the Jewish community, especially in London, where there is a massive Jewish community.

People from the Jewish faith may find there to be plenty of jobs locally within their community. Your faith can play a big part in your work.

What is a Jewish Care Role?

A Jewish care role can be anything from a nurse to a social worker. There are many different types of jobs in the Jewish community that you may not find advertised elsewhere.

The majority of roles within Jewish care are with charities and organisations that specifically deal with Jewish healthcare.

There is an increased need for Jewish carers in London and across England where there is a growing Jewish population.

Jewish care jobs can include community services, help with healthcare and looking after the elderly. Community and outreach services, roles within Jewish community centres, and Jewish care team roles are some of the roles out there.

Jewish Care Charities

There are a number of jobs in Jewish care charities. Here are just a few Jewish care charities in London:

The Jewish Care Trust is an organisation that works with the Jewish community to provide support for those who need it.

Jewish Care Association supports elderly jews and provides help with day-to-day tasks, such as house visits or meal preparation. They also offer companionship and social activities.

The Lillian and Albert Small Jewish Community Centre provides Jewish care services to those in the Brent area of London. Their vibrant community hubs offer a daycare centre, home visits, transport and more.

Whatever your work, if you are Jewish then the workplace must be inclusive and respect your religious beliefs.

Volunteer in Jewish Care

If you want to find Jewish care jobs, then why not volunteer? Volunteering can help to provide experience and knowledge for your Jewish career.

There are many organisations that offer Jewish community roles where you can get training as well as gaining valuable Jewish career experience.

Find a Job in Jewish Care

If you are looking for Jewish care job vacancies, you can start by checking our jobs board for inclusive employers in your local area. There just might be a Jewish job to take your fancy.

You can also search specific Jewish charities and send a CV in case roles should come up in the future.

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