Polish Speaking Jobs in Scotland

There is a large Polish community in Scotland, with almost 100,000 Polish speakers living in the country. There are more Polish people in Scotland than any other non-British nationality.

This means there are plenty of career opportunities in businesses that work closely with Polish companies and in a variety of other positions. What Polish-speaking jobs does Scotland have to offer?

Where Are You Most Likely to Find Polish-Speaking Jobs?

In rural Scotland, there are some fairly remote locations where it can be tough to find many specific opportunities to suit your skills. Of course, if you are going to find a Polish-speaking job, your best chances are in the cities.

Scottish cities include Aberdeen, Glasgow, Edinburgh, and Dundee, and there are good transport links in many of these cities. The cost of living is also lower than most of the UK, and with beautiful scenery close by, Scotland is a good place to live.

Each of these locations has a variety of different industries and businesses, some of which do business with Polish companis regularly. So there are many opportunities for Polish speakers with the right skills.

What Kind of Jobs Are Available?

There are multiple examples of Polish speaking jobs in Scotland, from tutoring and translation, to administration and office work. Businesses in many different sectors require employees who can speak Polish, so there are plenty of options.

Some of the most popular Polish-speaking jobs in Scotland include:

  • Translator. If you speak Polish and English your skills can be used translating documents and communications between companies and individuals.
  • Legal administrator. Some solicitors have a requirement for specific language speakers to help administer cases.
  • Tutor. You could teach English to Polish students or vice versa. This is often a self-employed position and while you can find tutoring roles in person, you may deliver some sessions online.
  • Other business administration roles. A lot of businesses that operate in the UK and Poland need bilingual employees.

There are many other options for Polish speakers in Scotland, and if you are looking for a job in other industries such as transport and haulage or media, there are plenty of positions for Polish people with the right to work in the UK.

Finding Polish-Speaking Jobs in Scotland

You can find regular positions in Scotland advertised on our inclusive jobs board, and some roles may specifically outline the need for a Polish speaker. If you speak Polish and English and you have the right to work in the UK, you don’t have to opt for a specific Polish-speaking job, and you can apply for the same opportunities as anyone else.

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