Jobs for Women Over 50 in the UK

When it comes to jobs, your age and your gender should be no obstacle. Luckily, most modern employers agree with this sentiment, so you shouldn’t rule out any job that you want to do.

That said, certain jobs for women over 50 in the UK have proven to be more popular than others, based on what people wish to do at this time in their lives.

Returning to Work Later in Life

A lot of people looking for the best jobs for women over 50 are returning to the world of work after a spell out, possibly while raising children.

It’s not always easy if you are looking for a new career. Going back to work after a spell away can feel daunting, but with the right attitude, it can be a very rewarding experience as well as boosting the family coffers. Remember that you do have rights within the workplace to protect you.

Plenty of women over 50 have picked up some specialist knowledge or even transferable skills throughout their life, and so-called “older workers” can be a huge asset to companies.

Jobs for Women Over 50

There are many jobs for women over 50 in the UK that would be perfect for those just starting out again. Your job search may spark some career path ideas you had never considered before.

Of course, if you have previously worked in a specific field, or you have qualifications in one specific area, this might dictate the sort of role you are looking for.

You don’t always need relevant qualifications, though. There are plenty of jobs for women over 50 with no degree, so it doesn’t matter if you can’t offer the experience of a previous career.

Admin Roles

Secretarial and administrative work is always popular, as is customer service. If you have some retail experience under your belt, then there are plenty of opportunities in this sector, too.

Care Roles

Alternatively, you could look into roles in the care industry, with roles always available, especially to those happy to take on challenging work.


If you have skills to teach others, why not consider tutoring?  This is a great option if you want to work from home, and it can be extremely rewarding, helping the local community and training other people in the skills you have learned. You can potentially do this on a freelance basis if self-employment doesn’t intimidate you.

The beauty of returning to work later in life is that there are no real restrictions – other than your own abilities and desires. So if you’re looking for a change and want to do something completely different, go ahead! There are plenty of jobs out there that will fit the bill and long term unemployment doesn’t have to stop you from being a suitable candidate.

Working from Home

For those who don’t want to commute or miss out on the chance to spend more time with their families, there are plenty of jobs for women over 50 that can be done from home.

Self-employed roles and running your own business can be an option. Freelance writing, transcription and even pet sitting are all great options that allow you to work around your own availability and needs.

The important thing is to find a job that you will enjoy doing and suits your lifestyle – there are plenty of them out there! So, go ahead and take the plunge into the wonderful world of work.

Finding a Job When You Are Over 50

Check out the latest opportunities on our jobs board, posted by inclusive employers committed to avoiding discrimination against gender, age, and background. Fill in an application or send a CV today.

Whether you are looking for a full career change or a part-time job while the kids are at school, there are plenty of employment opportunities out there.

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