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Life can present plenty of challenges for refugees. We explore what refugee jobs London has to offer, and how you may be able to find a role doing something you enjoy and earning a good salary even with refugee status.

Can Refugees Work in London?

Yes, refugee jobs in London are available, but the availability of work depends on your qualifications and skills.

Some refugee organisations even specialise in helping refugees and migrants to find work.

You are free to work at any level and in any career you wish, so you don’t have to restrict yourself. If you have skills and qualifications you can put them to good use.

Challenges for Refugee Workers

There are some challenges refugee workers may face. Language barriers and cultural differences can be a challenge for both the refugee worker and their employer.

Some employers may also be hesitant to hire refugees because of the extra paperwork or administration involved, or they might wonder if the refugee will stay with the company for a long time.

You do have workplace rights as a refugee and finding an inclusive employer gives you the best chance of finding a good position.

London has a high cost of living which is another potential challenge for refugees, and it can be prohibitive when finding somewhere to live.

Jobs Working With Refugees

As well as refugees looking for work, plenty of people want to work with refugees in London, where there are many charities. If you have the relevant skills and qualifications, there are plenty of opportunities to work with refugees.

Organisations like the Refugee Council, Refugee Action, and CARAS provide employment and volunteer opportunities. The Refugee Employment Network is also a way to find a job or advice about applying as a migrant or refugee.

Refugee Worker Jobs London

What sort of jobs can refugee workers find in London? Your skills and passion play a huge part in which job you might apply for.

Some common positions for refugee workers include:

  • Nurse. If you have a nursing qualification or skills then you may find there is a high demand in the NHS.
  • Retail. Retail jobs are often a good starting point for those new to the workforce, and some refugee organisations have partnerships with retailers.
  • Hospitality. Many refugee workers find work in hospitality.
  • ICT.  If you have skills in this area, there are many opportunities for refugee workers in ICT.
  • Administration. You need to be highly organised and these jobs may require some understanding of English, but they can be a good way to get started in the workforce.
  • Transport and storage. This sector may require some specific skills, but there are many opportunities for refugee workers working in this industry.

Finding Refugee Jobs in London

Our jobs board has a number of positions available from inclusive employers, open to working with people from a variety of backgrounds. Start your search here on Aspiring to Include. You may also be able to access support through refugee charities in London and throughout the UK. Some have training and work placement schemes.

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