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There remains a difference between the employment of men and women in the U.K. Still, in 2022, women are employed less than men, are paid less, and hold a more significant percentage of part-time jobs as opposed to full-time jobs.

It would be easy to say that there are no specific jobs for women, and there shouldn’t be. Yet women in the U.K. are still being stereotyped and boxed into certain jobs, contract types, and sectors.

At Aspiring to Include, we want to help things move in the right direction when it comes to equal and inclusive employment. We want women and men to have the same job opportunities. And we want women to know how to find the best possible jobs so that they can be on an equal footing and receive equal treatment.

So, on this page, we are going to discuss equal, diverse, and inclusive jobs for women and where to find them.

What Jobs are Best for Women?

While there remains an overrepresentation of women vs. men in sectors such as childcare, teaching, and nursing, there are no jobs that are better suited to either gender. There are simply jobs and individual people whose skills and qualities allow them to do those jobs.

It is a mistake to think that you need to consider certain career paths or job opportunities due to your gender. If you are a woman, you can do any job you want to. All you need to do is check what qualifications and experience are required for that job and then get to work on meeting those requirements.

Even for pregnant women or women with children, job opportunities in all sectors should be as much of an opportunity for you as anyone else. Your children should not hold you back from advancing in your career. If this is the case, it is likely to be gender discrimination.

You can read more about those specific issues in our specialised guides.

If there is a job you want to do, you can do it.

Where Can I Find the Best Job as a Woman?

In 2022 and beyond, we are saying goodbye to gender bias, discrimination, and exclusion. And so should you.

Choosing an employer who engages in equal opportunity recruitment and employment is one of the best ways to protect yourself and your career.

If you can find somewhere to work that treats all genders equally, you have much less chance of being discriminated against or treated poorly. Even if you are pregnant, need flexible working or have childcare needs. And this is really critical to know. If you are working somewhere now that is not inclusive or equal, you don’t have to stay. There are other options out there in which you can be much happier, safer, and respected.

Where to Go Next

To find those equal opportunities, you don’t need to look too much further.

Firstly, you can head over to our directory of company profiles. Here, we have compiled a list of inclusive and diverse employers in the U.K. These are companies we are happy to recommend and work with due to their stance on equality. If you want to find your next boss, this is the place to go.

Secondly, you can take a peek at our live job board on Aspiring to Include too. This is where you will find new jobs posted in all sectors and industries that are equal, diverse, and inclusive.

Finding somewhere you can be respected and treated equally doesn’t have to be so hard, you can find it right here with us.

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