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Immigrants in the U.K. face high levels of discrimination, bias, and exclusion. This occurs in all aspects of life, particularly so recruitment and employment. There are still many issues with discrimination in the employment market in the U.K. and that is something important for us all to acknowledge.

When it comes to jobs for immigrants, there are no specific jobs that immigrants should be pigeonholed into doing. In fact, this has real potential for illegal and unscrupulous activity. Positive discrimination in the form of wanting to recruit a more diverse workforce is a good thing, but actively seeking out only immigrant workers could be a red flag.

If you ever spot anything that you think might be illegal or unethical, in relation to immigrants, migrants, or refugees, you should report it.

What immigrants really need in the U.K. is fair and inclusive access to jobs in all sectors and industries. They need the same chance as their U.K.-born counterparts to use their skills and add value to their new society.

What are the Best Jobs for Immigrants in the U.K.?

Immigrants can do any job in the U.K. as long as they have the skills, personal qualities, and qualifications that they need. Just as any U.K.-born resident would.

Stereotyping is rife when it comes to immigrants and immigrant employment here. Many people wrongly assume that immigrants are suited only to certain job types or roles because of their status or nationality. This isn’t the case. Immigrant workers are free to do any job they would like to do as long as they have the right to work in the country via a valid VISA.

If you are an immigrant and you think that you need extra training or education to help you reach the employment opportunities you want and need in the U.K., you can read more of our advice on this topic.

How to Find Support for Immigrants

If you are an immigrant in the U.K. and you need support, there are a few avenues available for you. These include (but are not limited to):

This variation of resources should cover a lot of bases of support. You can find out more about your rights, housing issues, emotional and mental health concerns, status and settlement problems, and so on, from these resources.

Always remember that there are a lot of people and organisations out there to help and support you. You are by no means alone and you do not have to deal with any such issues alone. Regardless of where you are from.

In terms of support specifically regarding employment and your job search, you can stick with us at Aspiring to Include. We have lots of resources and guides to help you get access to the support you need with anything work-related. Check out the section of our site dedicated to migrants and refugees for more details.

How to Find a Job as an Immigrant

To find a job that will be accessible and inclusive for immigrants from any country, head over to our job board on Aspiring to Include. 

We have a live job board filled with new and exciting opportunities for all across the U.K. All of these jobs come from equal, diverse, and inclusive employers who care about the welfare of all communities.

Find somewhere to work where you can be your best self today. Why accept anything less?

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