Jobs with Inclusive Recruitment Practices

When it comes to finding a new job as a diverse job seeker, things aren’t always easy. This is particularly so when it comes to inclusive recruitment practices. 

Often, exclusive and discriminatory recruitment practices keep people out of jobs that they are skilled and qualified for. This can be hugely disheartening and stressful for the job seekers involved. 

Why Seek Out Inclusive Recruitment Practices?

One of the best ways to stop yourself from feeling such repeated stress throughout your recruitment process is to seek out jobs with inclusive recruitment practices instead. Doing so allows you to go for jobs you want without having to deal with unnecessary bias and discrimination holding you back. It also demonstrates that the company you are applying for has a strong focus on equality, diversity, and inclusion which is what you want long-term too. 

What are Inclusive Recruitment Practices?

There are lots of ways in which employers can make their recruitment practices inclusive to wide groups of people. These include:

  • Promoting inclusive job adverts that only use inclusive language and do not, intentionally or unintentionally, exclude entire groups of applicants. 
  • Having “invisible” and accessible applications, where recruitment panels extend interviews based on an applicant’s skills, experience, and qualifications only. They do not see names, addresses, pictures, or demographics so no decisions can be made on these factors. 
  • Using only diversity-trained recruiters to make decisions. Those who make recruitment decisions should be trained in a way that allows them to recruit without bias or judgement.
  • Running decisions past multiple people to ensure personal opinion isn’t standing in the way of the right recruitment decisions. These people must be different from each other so that one demographic isn’t dominating the decisions. 

Ultimately, inclusive recruitment practices should actively involve people of all categories. They should also work to reduce the biases that exist in our society already. Many people do not get jobs that they should because of conscious and unconscious bias. As such, EDI recruitment panels should work to address this and root it out as much as possible. 

Where Can I Find Jobs with Inclusive Recruitment Practices?

If you are looking for a job where you can be considered based only on your own merit, you have landed in the right place. 

Here at Aspiring to Include, we help diverse job seekers link up with diversity-positive employers and inclusive jobs. We do so with the help of both our inclusive job board and directory of employers.

Both of these resources can help you find the right job for you, without having to deal with the stress of discrimination, bias, and exclusion.

Want to ask us a question? Feel free to reach out to our team. And finally, don’t forget to sign up for our newsletter below for all the latest news and opportunities from Aspring in Include.

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