Jobs for 21-Year-Old Females

Let’s delve into jobs for 21-year-old females. Of course, as a female, you shouldn’t be restricted when it comes to what sort of jobs you can do, but at 21 you might find that you are not yet qualified for some academic jobs. On top of that, you might need to go into some entry-level jobs or look for carers that accommodate younger adults.

Finding the Job You Want

Not every job is possible for a 21-year-old, just because your training might not be complete. If you set out to be a doctor or vet, for example,  you might not be able to practice for a few years yet as you study at university to build the skills. This is true for men and women.

If this is the case, then you need to look at what else there is on offer that can fit around your studies or even pay those bills whilst you are studying. Part time jobs like retail and office work are often available but at 21 you might be ready for your career and your first job in a new business.

Your gender and pronouns shouldn’t be an issue for employers, and you should be able to work in the field you want to and try to get your dream job.

Examples of Good Jobs For 21-Year-Old Females

These jobs are some of the best jobs for 21-year-old females but they are just examples. It isn’t career advice you have to stick to, of course.

There are so many different careers you might wish to go into, and the days of jobseekers going into stereotype positions and job paths are long gone.

Jobs and career path options include:

  • Jobs in retail. You could end up working for a large company and moving up their career ladder, or you might find that there are some interesting smaller shops to work at. For example, if you love cars then selling them is an option. Or perhaps you want to develop your artistic flair by helping customers pick out art supplies.
  • Jobs in the service industry. Jobs here could include anything from being a waitress or waiter to working in a call centre. This is great if you want to meet people and are good with customers. Jobs that work with children or young adults. These jobs can be really rewarding, but often they come with a lot of responsibility too.
  • Nurses. Are you interested in nursing? Jobs here can include working in a hospital or medical office, but you might also be able to work as a nurse in an educational facility.
  • Teachers. Jobs for 21-year-olds are limited here because of the level of training and qualifications needed, but if that is something you have already been working on then there could be some exciting opportunities in a teaching position.
  • Police officers or security guards. Jobs that are in the public sector can be really rewarding, and you might find that there is lots of room for promotion as well as training opportunities.
  • Working with computers. If this is something you love doing then getting hired by an employer in IT might be perfect for you. You could become a software developer or web designer, and these career options may also open up the possibility of self-employment.

Your Job Search

Ready to find the ideal job for your interests and age? To work with some of the most inclusive employers in the UK, check our jobs board for some inspiration regarding your next dream role.

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