Holland&Barrett International is one of the world’s leading health and wellness retailers and the largest in Europe. Founded by William Holland and Alfred Barrett in Bishop’s Stortford, Hertfordshire, in 1870. In 1920 Samuel Ryder, the man behind golf’s Ryder Cup, started selling seeds by post from his garden shed, a venture that grown into a successful mail order company Heath&Heather. It was renamed Holland&Barrett in 1970.Holland&Barrett is now supplying its customers with a wide range of vitamins, minerals, health supplements, specialist foods and natural beauty products and have over 145 years of experience in the industry.The majority of our portfolio is based in the UK with owned stores, in addition we have stores in Belgium, Sweden, Holland and the Republic of Ireland. Our name is a familiar sight in almost every major city and town across the UK and is becoming increasingly more visible further afield, in markets as diverse as the Netherlands and Malta to the UAE, China and India.In 2011 Holland&Barrett launched the Natural Health Academy, offering staff the opportunity to receive government recognised training to A level standard. We have more than 7,000 talented and dedicated individuals in our global team, every one of our sales associates is trained to become ‘qualified to advise’ through our industry-leading, officially recognised health supplement training programme.We spend time developing our product ranges and put the same care and attention to detail into selecting the best people to join our growing and innovative business. Our diversity and teamwork culture propel us to accomplish the extraordinary. Now we need more of the brightest and best minds to join us to turn our vision into reality. Are you ready?*About the role:*Do you want to make a difference by being part of a next-generation data processing and analytics platform in the cloud in a greenfield environment? Holland and Barrett are a successful business focusing on making people healthier and happier. We started in 1870 and today, we are a highly profitable global Health and Wellness retailer with more than 1,000 shops worldwide, and we are the largest health and wellness retailer in the UK.You will join the Data Science and Analytics team in London. You will work closely with Data Engineers and Business Stakeholders on delivering value, ranging from topics like supply chain optimisation to loyalty schemes. You will be working both internally and with business stakeholders. Long-term, you will work on optimising and automating the Data Science workflow to build the basis for our prescriptive analytics and artificial intelligence strategy where self-optimising solutions make independent, intelligent decisions.Holland and Barrett are committed to its transformation into a technology and data-driven business. We hired an outstanding CTO with a long history of success in turning retailers into technology-driven businesses. We are bringing together highly talented and experienced people like yourself to build our data processing and analytics platform. We love the cloud, data, analytics and data science, and building our own solutions. We embrace the continuing evolution of Data Science and want to be at the forefront of building repeatable, automated Data Science and Machine Learning solutions to reduce or remove the Data Scientist’s efforts on time-consuming, low impact, repeat tasks like data wrangling or rebuilding models with new data.You have experience in solving real-world problems with machine learning using a variety of tools. You know how to solve a problem as well as how to deploy it into production, measuring and updating it as needed over time. You love working closely with data engineers and others in cross-functional teams to develop solutions iteratively. Importantly, you are pragmatic and experienced, able to identify and solve common problems swiftly and effectively with tools and libraries and you don’t reinvent the wheel.*Responsibilities:*Business:* Collaborate with business and other stakeholders* Help (alongside Senior Data Scientists) translatingbusiness ideas to measurable and optimisable machine learning problems* Help plan delivery**Data:* Exploration and ad-hoc preparation* Feature engineering* Collaboration with Data Engineers for automation or additional ingests**Machine Learning:* Define metrics and measures* Identifying relevant algorithms and libraries* Selecting candidate algorithms based on experience and knowledge* Prototyping solutions to narrow options and parameters* Hyperparameter Tuning* Evaluating algorithms* Collaborating with Platform, Data and Software Engineers for production deployment and automation* Collaborating in developing repeatable framework for common ML problems*Technical Skills:** Professional experience in a comparable role for at least 2 years* Analytical background and degree, e.g. Maths, Statistics, Data Science, etc.*Essential Skills & Experience:** Working with Structured and unstructured data* Data Exploration (Python, R, SQL)* Proficient in at least one of R or Python* Have knowledge of Machine Learning Algorithms (supervised, unsupervised)* Statistical knowledge (Distributions, Hypothesis Testing)*Beneficial Experiences:**** Spark and MLlib (SparkR, sparklyr, pyspark)* Git for version control* Working in a cloud environment* Experiment Design* Retail sector-* Work at forefront of modern architecture* Excellent salaries, (we want the best people)* Choose your own hardware* Extreme Flexibility (yes you can work from home; yes, we can accommodate part time hours)* The best coffee we can source (so far!)* Annual Company Bonus* Pension* Healthcare* 1st Stage: 30min call with Hiring Manager* 2nd Stage: 1hr Video Interview with the teamPython, R, Machine LearningR, Python, Machine Learning, A/B Testing, SQL

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