Job description:


LOCATION: Cope House – Nuneaton

REPORTING TO: Scheme Manager

WORKING HOURS: Part time 22 hours per week



Assisting in maintaining a high standard of cleanliness throughout the project

  • To promote hygienic practices and clean accommodation to clients by completing tasks in order to prepare them for independent living.

  • Daily Cleaning: to clean all communal areas in the project including entrances, offices, kitchen/laundry, toilets, shower rooms, corridors, meeting room and the IT suite.
  • Weekly Cleaning: to clean all hard gloss surfaces and glass etc. Take up and shake mats. Vacuum mat wells and upholstery. Dust and clean finger places, kicking plates, pictures, bookcases, desks, chairs, lockers, radiators, skirting`s, mouldings, shelves, pipes and light frames to a height of 5`6″ from floor level. Dust tops of lockers and cabinets. Clean and disinfect all telephones. Clean any vacated rooms (when required).
  • Cleaning Materials: to identify to Manager all cleaning materials required well in advance.
  • Cleaning Schedules: Where applicable to follow the cleaning schedule as provided.
  • Other Duties: to perform any other duties which can be regarded as within the scope of the job?

  • Client Service
  • Maintain high standards in client cleaning operations whilst ensuring clients are treated with dignity, respect and courtesy at all times thereby ensuring high quality delivery of services, as determined through quality assurance of services
  • Staff
  • To participate in the organisation`s appraisal, development and regular and structured supervision processes
  • Maintain internal relationships, seeking support from the Scheme Manager / senior support worker
  • Act professionally and present a positive image of GreenSquareAccord to colleagues, key stakeholders and professionals internally and externally at all times
  • To adhere to the GreenSquareAccord`s fairness strategy
  • General
  • Ensure that you comply with relevant health and safety legislation, safeguarding and data protection requirements in line with GreenSquareAccord`s policies and procedures
  • Promote equality of opportunities for clients, staff and all stakeholders accessing services, developing services to meet the needs of individuals and communities respecting diversity of age, faith, culture, gender sexuality or other characteristics
  • Maximise your own personal development by positively contributing to induction, supervision, training and appraisal and team meetings and by attending relevant professional training, seminars and conferences.
  • Undertake other duties as and when required, in line with the operational needs of the business
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