Would you like to be part of our amazing new Team and Service for under 18’s who are accessing the acute paediatric ward at Ashford and St Peters Hospital for emotional wellbeing and mental health needs? We are offering the chance to develop from a Band 5 to a Band 6, though if you are ready for a Band 6 role this is available too at this level.

You would be part of a mental health team – Band 7, Band5/6 nurses and B3 Support Workers to look after CYP who are accessing 2 specialised beds in the paediatric ward. CYP may be needing your input for emotional dysregulation, disordered eating and/or behaviours that challenge. In this role we would be looking for you to support the development of training packages and awareness sessions for the paediatric team to help build their knowledge, skills and confidence. You would work closely with the EWMH Band 7 Clinical Lead, the Paediatric staff, the Paediatric Liaison Nurses, and the community MH Services e.g Crisis Intervention Team, Hope Service and Children’s Eating Disorder Service. As part of Induction we would want you to spend time building relationships with our community provisions and we can explore further opportunities to spend time with the community services as part of the rota.

Our culture and values means that we want to ensure we are inclusive, flexible, supportive and caring and for you to be heard in the development and delivery of this service.

We are developing a bespoke training package for our EWMH Team, that would include Assessment & Risk Assessment of Children and Adolescents with Crisis, Autism Awareness,ADHD Key Knowledge and Skills from the Association of Psychological Therapies. We would be keen to explore individual learning through our supervision and appraisal processes. This may include enhancing your skills in the physical health care delivery for CYP such as wound management if you are a MH Nurse or if you are a Paediatric Nurse you may wish to access MH courses at Surrey University.

The shifts for the B5/6 role are 7.30am-8pm, 7 days a week and we use e-rostering therefore you will know your shifts 6 weeks in advance and of course there is a degree of flexibility to this rota. You will work alongside the EWMH Senior Support Worker daily and the B7 EWMH Clinical Lead (Monday – Friday) and have managerial oversight/input from the Shift Lead at the Paediatric Ward at ASPH and there is managerial oversight from the General Manager for the SABP CYPS Crisis Pathway. You will have an honorary contract in place for ASPH in order for you to be able to access their training and systems as well as the training from SABP.

We are very excited to develop this service offer for CYP and families of Surrey and if you wish to join us in making a difference please apply today or contact Kate Sigov, 07766 526 159 to discuss further.

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