Bloomberg is the global leader in business and financial data, news and insight.
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3 Queen Victoria St , London, London EC4N 4TQ, England
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Bloomberg unleashes the power of information and technology to bring clarity to a complex world.

Global customers rely on us to deliver accurate, real-time business and market-moving information that helps them make critical financial decisions. In a career at Bloomberg, you’ll play a vital role in making it happen.

We work on purpose. Come find yours.

Data is reality. If you face it, you can understand it. Then, you can do something about it.

Many companies search for a purpose. Bloomberg was born with one: to change the world for the better. It’s there in our products, which started a revolution in financial markets that reverberates to this day. It’s felt by our people, who we invest in through every stage of their careers. And it’s proven by our actions, which harness the resources, skills and profits of our company to transform lives around the world through the power of data.

Challenging. Surprising. Fast-paced. Purposeful.

Life at Bloomberg is many things, but it’s never dull. We’re a truly global business with a truly diverse workforce. We pride ourselves on being open, inclusive and collaborative — and in providing a work environment that inspires our employees to be their best.

If you’re passionate about the financial markets, solving complex problems and challenging the status quo, we want to hear from you. Whether you’re a student looking for an internship, a graduate seeking a full-time position, or just want to learn more about what we do, take your first step towards a career at Bloomberg.

Who knows where it may take you next.

Our Values


We look decades ahead to create what our clients will someday need.

That’s been our mission from day one, when we engineered and built the first Bloomberg Terminal – pioneering technology that transformed an industry where information was transmitted slowly and inefficiently. Innovation continues to drive and infuse everything we do. We’re constantly imagining and investing in the future, always going where others aren’t, can’t or won’t.


We’re committed to giving back to the cities in which we live and work, using the time and talents of our employees, and resources of our business to create lasting impact. With our unique insight into data and news, and continual focus on innovation, we look to address unmet needs in our communities, deepen engagement with our colleagues, clients and partners, and improve lives around the world. Every Bloomberg employee in every one of our offices makes that commitment possible


Solving climate change is hard. Sitting back is impossible.

That’s why at Bloomberg we’re taking action, using our expertise in data – and decades of experience leading from the front – to tackle climate change from every angle.

Diversity and inclusion

Innovation drives our business forward – and we know that disruptive, breakthrough ideas come about when diverse teams look at challenges from different angles. Our culture values difference, fosters inclusion and promotes collaboration, because the data shows us that when every employee is empowered to impact our business, we all win.

It starts with how we hire

Diverse teams make smarter decisions, but teams don’t make themselves. We actively recruit and nurture talent that adds diversity to our workplace — finding the best and brightest whoever and wherever they are.

Inclusivity statement

Being a data-driven company means we’re realistic: we know that equality in our industry will not be achieved overnight. But it also means we have the numbers to take measure of the challenge – and to overcome it. From recruitment programs to employee awareness and company policies, we’re putting systems in place to promote and maintain equality. And to move us ever closer to our goal: creating a global workplace that accurately reflects the world we live in.

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